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ROUNDUP: Our Most Viral Parenting Stories of 2020 and It’s Not Hard to See Why!

At Mum Central, we love a good parenting story, one that takes us deep into the depths of motherhood. We love stories that aren’t sugarcoated in sweetness and aren’t afraid to tell the world what parenting is really like.

Over the years we’ve written and shared countless parenting stories but these 10 were our favourite ones ever. These are the stories that made you click, cry, laugh and share. So go ahead and indulge in a little bit of lighthearted reading and revisit the best parenting stories Mum Central has to offer. 

We’d love to know which one you enjoyed the most – share your pick for Best Parenting Story of 2020 in the Facebook comments or the comments section below. 

1. Unicorn Mums

By far the most popular story on Mum Central is our little tale about Unicorn Mums, a new type of parenting style that is both magical and badass. These mums are paving the way for parenting greatness, one head-butting horn at a time.

Are you a unicorn mum? 

woman wearing unicorn head | unicorn mums

2. Why Tired Mums Stay up Late

This mum’s account of why she stays up late, even when she’s absolutely shattered is as relatable as it gets. After all, mums need a chance to chill out too, and often this is at night, when the rest of the world sleeps.

Have a read of our story and see if you agree. 

mum central

3. Zero f*cks gives

Once you’re a mum you realise how much you care about your kids. And how little you care about certain other things. Like being right all the time. Or attending all the social functions.

Join us as our writer counts down the 10 things we just don’t have time to care about once we have kids. 

mum guilt drew barrymore

4. Why Eight is Such a Tough Age for Our Boys

Next, we have a story that many of our mums with older kids could relate to – dealing with the ’emotional eights’. Our writer shares her own experience with this tricky stage and offers some advice from parenting expert, Maggie Dent. 

A must-read for mums with little boys! Read it here. 

You may also be interested in our follow-up story on 10-year-old boys. 

bedwetting kids

5. The Types of School Mums

Onto one of our favourite funny stories – the types of school mums you’ll bound to meet. This one had our readers laughing all the way to the stop, drop, go lineup. But remember, it’s just a bit of fun. No actual school mums were insulted in the making of it. Okay, maybe just one or two…

Read about the types of school mums here. 

types of school mums
Photo: Vigen M/Bigstock

6. How your toddler really feels 

We’re entering toddler territory with this tear-jerker of a story that tells two different perspectives of the same day. One from mum and one from a two-year-old. Have the tissues on hand, someone’s chopping onions. 

Read this is how your toddler feels and see why our readers fell in love with this story. 

sad toddler black and white

7. Co-sleeping vs cry it out

We couldn’t have the best parenting stories round-up and not have a sleeping story! And this one hits all the right notes. Which team are you on – co-sleeping or cry-it-out?  A mother shares her side and it’s a very convincing read no doubt! 

Read co-sleeping vs cry-it-out here. mum central

8. Swearing makes you a better person

It’s true! Science confirms it. Check out what research says about mums who love to drop the occasional (okay, often) f-bomb. 

swearing good for you

9. Being a boy mum

#BoyTruths – Plenty of our readers had a chuckle at this story, which uncovers the world of raising little boys. Stretchy penises, couch wrestling matches, poo nuggets and the boners! 

There’s so much more to explore – read all 10 boy truths here. 

fiver party birthday trend
Source: Bigstock/ Listopad Olga

10. Your parenting style based on your star sign

Our final top parenting story is a funny one about parenting styles based on your zodiac sign. Some star signs come off looking great, like Cancers, Leos and Libras. Other mums, not so much. Sorry Geminis! 

Which parenting style are you? 

parenting styles star sign

So, which one gets your vote for the best parenting story of 2020? Don’t forget to cast your vote in the comments!

If you’re looking for more parenting stories, check out our PARENTING Section.  

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