5 Brumby’s Bakery Lunch Box Ideas, Plus Score a FREE Lunch Bag!

Brumby’s Bakery is banishing boring back-to-school lunches with delicious lunch box heroes and making packing an inviting lunch a cinch. We’re sharing a week’s worth of kid-approved and fun lunch box ideas that kids’ can’t resist. PLUS details on how you can get a FREE lunch bag, just in time for back-to-school!

Brumby’s Bakery for lunch box heroes

Brumby’s Bakery has your back-to-school lunch box heroes baked fresh in-store, every day. From Mini Cheddarmite Scrolls, Ham and Cheese Danishes and all the deliciousness baked to perfection in between – no matter what your schoolgoers and their tastebuds fancy, you’ll find something for every small and big appetite and school lunch box here. Brumby’s Bakery turn lunch boxes from ordinary into extraordinary!

Spend $15 and get a FREE lunch bag!

Brumby’s Bakery is giving away FREE lunch bags! Spend $15 or more in one transaction and you can choose one of FIVE lunch bag designs to take home for FREE. Large enough to fit a lunch box and more securely inside, they’ll keep your lunch cool plus have a handy double-end zipper. They’re a perfect lunch bag for heading back to school with!

Brumby's Bakery
Brumby’s Bakery is giving away FREE lunch bags when you spend $15 or more.

A week of lunch box ideas

Shopping at Brumby’s Bakery for lunch box heroes, we’ve put together a week of lunch boxes to inspire new school mums in their lunch box-making game. Watch the lunch boxes come together and take shape with the delicious, and perfect for school, bakery items below. For more details, scroll down!

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A week of yummy Brumby’s Bakery lunch boxes

Monday’s lunch box

LUNCH BOX SUPERHERO: Brumby’s Bakery Mini Cheddarmite Scrolls

Brumby's Bakery
Monday’s lunch box is looking delicious!

We’re a happy little Vegemite as bright as bright can be! An Aussie-kid lunch box staple, Mini Cheddarmite Scrolls are just the right size for kids not to be overwhelmed with. They can gobble them up and still have time to hit the playground at lunchtime.

Tuesday’s lunch box

LUNCH BOX SUPERHERO: Brumby’s Bakery High Fibre LOW-GI Sandwich Bread

Brumby's Bakery
Tuesday’s lunch box is a STAR!

Say goodbye to boring sandwiches! You don’t need fancy tools, a simple cookie cutter can punch out bread shapes, especially in sliced bread as fresh and soft as Brumby’s Bakery High Fibre LOW-GI Sandwich Bread. Low GI means the bread is digested slowly, giving little bodies a more even boost of energy throughout the day.

Wednesday’s lunch box

LUNCH BOX SUPERHERO: Brumby’s Bakery Ham & Cheese Danish

Brumby's Bakery
Wednesday’s lunch box ideas are wrapped in goodness!

If you have a little one (or big one) who loves a croissant, they will LOVE this Ham and Cheese Danish. Wonderful warm or cold, its texture is flaky and buttery and the hit of protein in the ham and cheese keeps bellies full.

Thursday’s lunch box

LUNCH BOX SUPERHERO: Brumby’s Bakery Low-Fat Apricot Scroll

Brumby's Bakery lunch box ideas
Thursday’s lunch box idea: they see me scrollin’.

Full of delicious dried fruit, Low-Fat Apricot Scrolls will be a hit with kids young and old. Not too sweet, cut it into quarters to make it easier for little ones to eat. We filled the lunch box with delicious fresh fruit, vegetables and a handful of kabana. It’s all about striking a balance, right?

Friday’s lunch box

LUNCH BOX SUPERHERO: Brumby’s Bakery Cheese & Bacon Roll

Brumby's Bakery
Friday’s lunch box ideas: bacon and cheese double delight!

Who doesn’t love a cheesy roll? Cheese and Bacon Roll is topped with delicious bacon pieces and cheese, eat it as is or stuff it with a favourite sandwich filling. Just the right size for smaller hands, we’ve filled this one with cheese, cucumber slices and beautiful shaved ham. So good!

Snap up an after-school treat!

LUNCH BOX SUPERHERO: Lyle, Lyle Crocodile Finger Buns!

Brumby's Bakery
After-school treat- snap up Lyle, Lyle Crocodile before he snaps YOU!

Celebrate the end of the school week with a fun treat for kids! Lyle, Lyle Crocodile Finger Buns are not only cute, but they’re also super soft, covered with green sprinkles, spiked with Smarties and finished with a pair of delicious raspberry cream eyes. They’ll be snapped up fast!

Shop in-store today and don’t forget, if you spend $15 or more at Brumby’s Bakery, you’ll receive a Brumby’s Lunch Bag for FREE. Score! Hit the button below to discover the Brumby’s Bakery range and find a store near you.

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