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Big Families! 11 of the Largest Families in the World

Big families, bigger love! These parents decided the more kids, the merrier and have added offspring after offspring to their loving homes, often with only a two or three-month break in between each pregnancy/birth. Check out 11 big families with plenty of kids and love.

Big families, big love!

12 under 12

This mum’s been pregnant every year since 2008 and has 12 adorable little munchkins, all with a C name. She’s Courtney, her husband is Chris and then they’ve got Clint, Clay, Cade, Callie, Cash, Colt, Case, Calenda, Caydie, Coralee and Caris. They welcomed baby #12 – Cambria in 2022.

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The Rogers’ tribe Source: Instagram

Check out their crazy household here. 

16 and pregnant again

Another American couple, Patty and Carlos, also chose the letter C for their big family. They’ve got 16 kids and another one on the way, due in March 2023.

16 kids and pregnant again family
Source: Patty Hernandez. The Epoch Times

Their crew includes teens, tweens, primary kids, toddlers, and twins too! There’s Carlos, Christopher, Carla, Caitlyn, Cristian, Celeste, Cristina, Calvin, Catherina, Caleb, Carolina, Camilla, Caroll, Charlotte, Crystal, and Clayton.

Check out their photos and story here. 

11 kids in 13 years

Another supermum is the beautiful Satu Nordling Gonzalez who had her first child 15 years ago. Since then she’s been pregnant pretty much every year. She and her husband have just welcomed baby #11.

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Her kids are Nicole, Vanessa, twins Danillo and Johnathon, Olivia, Kevin, Celina, Isabelle, Melanie and Benjamin. We’re not sure of the newest addition’s name. Satu lives in Sweden and loves showcasing her lovely family on Insta, matching outfits on point.

Check out the cuteness here. 

The Radfords

The Radfords have 22 kids and have made a name for themselves showcasing the chaos behind closed doors. Their eldest is 33 and their youngest is just 2.

Radford family expecting baby 22

Most of the children live with Sue and Noel in a massive 10-bedroom home.

Take a look inside their sprawling palace here. 

The Bonells

Jeni and Ray Bonell are the parents of Australia’s biggest family with 16 kids. They share their typical Aussie antics on their Facebook page and just welcomed another baby to the household – a granddaughter named Odette. Jeni and Ray’s 16 kids are aged between 32 and 7.

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Nine babies… at once

In May 2021, Malian mum, Halima Cisse gave birth to nine babies. Yes, nine. At once. At just 25 years old, Halima became the first person in history to successfully give birth to nonuplets.

nonuplets one year old

Now, these nine little miracles are officially one and, after spending their entire lives in hospital and in an apartment close to the hospital, the nontuplets have now headed home to Mali.

Read their journey here.

We also shared a story of a woman who allegedly birthed 10 babies… at once.

14 big brothers

Kateri and Jay Schwandt are pretty well-versed in bringing up boys. They’ve got 14 of them, including their youngest son who they named Finley Sheboygan (She Boy Again).

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The Schwant family and stars of show 14 Outdoorsmen

However, their last baby was… a girl! Little Maggie Jayne has 14 big brothers to look out for her. Lucky girl!

Read their story here. 

25-year-old mum with 21 toddlers

Kristina Ozturk is a 25-year-old mum who really loves babies. Her daughter, Viktoria, is six while she also has 21 babies, all born via surrogates.

big families - Kristina Ozturk
Source: Instagram

All Kristina’s and her husband, Galip’s babies are born between March 2020 and January 2021. Most of them are now in toddlerhood.

Check out their crazy story here. And update here. 

45 children at 40

Like millions of women, Mariam Nabatanzi was forced by her parents to marry an older man at age 13. Just a few months later, she was pregnant with twins. Since then, she’s had 45 children including 3 sets of quadruplets, 4 sets of triplets and 6 sets of twins, due to a rare genetic condition causing hyperovulation. Her husband (or ex-husband) does not support her or their children.

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Source: Facebook

In 2019, at the age of 40, she underwent a medical procedure to prevent any further pregnancies. Mariam lives in Uganda where child marriage is rife. This is not something we promote in any way, shape or form, but we do want to give applause to Mariam, who strives to be the best mum to her children, even though this is not something she ever wished for.

You can read Mariam’s story here. Head over to to show your support to end child marriage. In the past three years, they’ve been able to stop 2,000 child brides from a life they did not ask for.

150 siblings… one dad

This story really blew us away! Merlin is one of 150 children born to the same father. Merlin is one of the many sons of Winston Blackmore. Winston is the patriarch of the world’s largest polygamous family, based in Bountiful, British Columbia, Canada. Winston, along with a very large family, lives on a massive property in BC.

He’s had 27 wives over the years, 22 of which he’s had kids with, and 16 that remain with him today.

Inside the world's largest polygamist cult
Merlin holding up photos of his ‘full’ siblings and a photo with his father, Winston Blackmore. Source: TikTok

Yes. 150 kids. Born to 22 different mums over 43 years. And this is just the beginning of their crazy story. Read the rest here. 

And the most children award goes to…

Valentina Vassilyev. She’s considered the most fertile woman in the world after giving birth to 69 children, 67 of whom survived infancy in the 18th century.

world record holder number of kids. big families
Source: Facebook

Her brood included 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets – that’s 27 births in total.

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