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Bizarre Births: 11 Crazy Birth Methods, Trends and Places to Give Birth

You’ve heard of home birth, water birth, and hypnobirthing.

But did you know there’s a birthing method where you swim with dolphins? Or one where no one around you is allowed to say a single word?

These are only two of the bizarre birth methods coming to a delivery room (or ocean) near you! We’ve rounded up the most unusual birth stories and birth methods out there for your reading pleasure.

Would you try any of them?

Unusual birthing methods

1. Live-streamed

With society’s obsession with social media, it was only a matter of time until a live-stream birth became a thing. Many social media influencers and mums are now sharing their labours online, in real time, through their various social media outlets.

One such mum was Jessica Hood, who shared her birthing experience on Christmas Day last year. Merry Christmas indeed.

2. All natural

In a creek, in the sea, in the ocean  – yes this is actually a trend women are striving for these days. After all, what’s more natural than giving birth, in nature?

One woman recently gave birth in the Red Sea (not even gonna comment on the irony of this) while another woman live-streamed her birth in a Far North Queensland stream

woman creek birth

3. Unassisted

This controversial birth method encourages new mums to give birth without any help. No midwives, doctors, nurses or medical intervention. Although many mums will find themselves pushing before they had planned, unassisted births are usually planned. In other words, mums are choosing to do it alone (or with just the assistance of family members and a doula).

You can read this mum’s experience of an unassisted ‘free’ birth as well as what the experts are saying about it. 

free birth home birth in bathroom

4. Dolphin-assisted

If you’re not keen on having human support but still don’t want to go at it alone, then why not head to Hawaii and give birth with a pod of dolphins? This is actually a birth method now, thanks to The Sirius Institute.

The ‘birth centre’ performs ‘dolphin-assisted births’ where mums welcome their babies in the ocean. According to The Sirius Institute, babies born in the presence of dolphins will emerge smarter and healthier. They may even be gifted with the ability to communicate with the dolphins during the process. No, we’re not making this up…

dolphin assisted birth

5. Lotus birth

Lotus birth is another fairly new birth trend where bub remains connected to the placenta even after bub is out of the womb. Rather than having the cord cut, mums choose to let it separate naturally in its own time – generally between 3 and 10 days. So, during this time, baby is still attached to the placenta.

The theory is that it has health benefits to bub and makes for a gentler transition from womb to world, but there is no evidence to support any medical benefits for the baby.

mum central
Image via: Kourtnie Scholz-KEDocumentary

6. Silent

We have Scientology to thank for the silent birth method which forbids anyone other than mum from making noise during labour. Partners, doctors, nurses are on a strict no-speaking ban.

The reason? Because any words spoken during the process can have an “aberrative effect on the mother and child.” What the heck is this? It basically means having others coax you through labour can compromise mum and bub’s moral standard.

Even crazier birthing stories!

Check out these crazy cool birthing stories that are anything but ordinary.

7. In an Uber

Giving new meaning to the term “Baby on Board,” a UK mum recently gave birth in the back of an Uber, much to the surprise of the driver! The Uber driver pulled over before they arrived at hospital and bub was born in the back seat. I hope she gave him a good rating!

Uber taxi similar to the on ein which a woman gave birth

8. In the shared rooftop of her apartment complex

Rather than opt for a home birth inside, a mum-to-be in Queensland decided to give birth on the communal rooftop of her apartment building. The shared space comes complete with a city view, plenty of seating AND a BBQ. Perfect birthing requirements.

pregnant woman plans birth

9. In the hospital hallway

American mum, Jes, was literally floored at the speedy arrival of her sixth baby who refused to wait for mum to get comfortable in a hospital bed. Nope. Jes gave birth in the hospital corridor. Incredibly enough, her birth photographer made it just in time and got the whole thing on film. The photos are just incredible!

Check out the stunning photos and the video of this amazing hallway birth.

baby baby hallway
Image via Little Leaplings

10. In the car (with the kids in the backseat)

Car births are unusual, but not unheard of. In fact, we hear more and more stories of women who don’t quite make it to the hospital. But we love this video of a mum delivering her own baby in the front seat. Dad films and the older kids are in the back seat. Talk about a family affair!

mum car birth FI video

11. In First Class

Early last year Mum Central shared this sky-high delivery story about a woman who was bumped to First Class to give birth to her baby, who just wouldn’t wait until landing! Well, that’s one way to get upgraded on a crowded flight!

mum central

We’ve got heaps of other cool birth stories to flick through, like this woman who gave birth at home, in the shower, while her husband snored through the whole thing. Or how about this cute story of a firefighter who delivered his own son on the side of the road? 

Got your own cool birth story? We’d LOVE to hear it. Drop us a line at he***@mu********.au and we will get back to you.


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