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10 Recipes Celebrating the Return of Cadbury’s Caramilk Chocolate!

Listen up, the people have spoken and Cadbury answered the call, finally. Cadbury’s once special-edition Caramilk chocolate is BACK. And it’s back for GOOD. #powertothepeople

Now that we have succumbed to Cadbury’s Caramilk hype, rushed out and loaded our trolleys with way more Caramilk than any one person can should consume, here are 10 delicious ways to use it. Apart from just inhaling it, obvs.

Didn’t know Cadbury’s Caramilk chocolate was back? Run, don’t walk to Woolworths to grab yours! We’ll see you there!

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10 Cadbury Caramilk Recipes to Make Right Now

1. Caramilk no-bake slice

No time to bake, no matter! Whip up this drool-worthy Caramilk no-bake slice in the morning and you could be devouring it by the afternoon.

Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate recipe

2. Caramilk bars

Not quite a biscuit, not quite a cake – Caramilk bars land somewhere near sweet and chewy brownie territory. Only this recipe is all the better because #Caramilk. Make sure you leave some nice big chunks of chocolate on top!

Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate recipe

3. Caramilk mud cake

Just like a white chocolate mud cake, only much more delicious with a hint of caramel. In need of a celebration cake? Try this Caramilk mud cake recipe on for size. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. If feeling particularly extra, top with shavings of Caramilk and white chocolate. Swwwoooon.

Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate recipe

4. Caramilk balls

Give those healthy bliss balls (or any other amazing ball recipe) the flick for the moment and try Caramilk balls instead, yum! Keep them in the freezer and hidden away from the kids. We won’t tell, promise.

Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate recipe

5. Caramilk cupcakes

Sometimes you don’t really need a dozen cupcakes. This recipe for Caramilk cupcakes makes just five cupcakes. The perfect amount for a non-guilty afternoon tea with the fam or to drop off to a neighbour.

Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate recipe

6. Caramilk chocolate mousse

Just TWO ingredients are all you need to make this fancy pants Caramilk chocolate mousse. Just TWO! Whip it into shape in no time, swirl it in and top with a square of the good stuff. It’ll look like you spent hours on it when you really haven’t. The BEST kind of dessert.

Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate recipe

7. Caramilk brioche

It sounds difficult, but I promise it’s not. Brioche is easy to make, you just have to be a little patient for it to prove. And trust me, a Caramilk chocolate brioche is worth waiting for. Get in my belly, STAT.

Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate recipe

8. Caramilk fudge

Just in time to practice for any food hampers you plan on making this Christmas as gifts, caramel infused Caramilk fudge would make an excellent addition. Slice into squares and wrap with a food-grade cellophane wrap. Easy!

Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate recipe

9. Caramilk cookies

We all know cookies and a glass of milk is a match made in Heaven so naturally, Caramilk cookies must be too. Think of all the good you’re doing for bone health – so much milk! A great activity for kids to assist with when they want to “help”.

Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate recipe

10. Banana Caramilk cake

And finally, in the number 10 position… the most epic banana Caramilk cake you ever did see. I mean, LOOK AT IT. A moist banana-laden crumb, topped with lashings of icing and decent sized bits of Caramilk chocolate. I won’t hear a single complaint – not one!

Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate recipe

You can find Cadbury Caramilk chocolate at all leading supermarkets and (with any luck) before too long, it will filter through to all Cadbury retailers. How do you like your Caramilk chocolate best?

For even more impressive chocolate desserts, see our 10 decadent desserts using chocolate bars post. Dessert REALLY can be made in the confectionery aisle at the supermarket. Yum!

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