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Caught on Video: Police Search for Prowler who Licked Doorbell for Three Hours

Yep. You read that right. And it’s entirely as weird (and hilarious) as it sounds. 

Freakiness aside, the internet has loved this crazy tale and the comments are absolute gold. Let’s start at the beginning.

The Dugan’s are like any ordinary Californian family. And like many others right now, they’ve installed a security camera to keep an eye on their home. What they didn’t expect was to find three whole hours of footage, of a stranger licking their doorbell.

Pretty creepy stuff,” said doorbell victim Dave Dungan. And yep, he’s right.

Early Saturday morning police have confirmed that Roberto Daniel Arroyo, spent about three hours licking the  family’s doorbell.

The homeowners were out of town at the time, but their young-adult children were home. Nobody was woken but the security footage later revealed the bizarre series of events.

Police are still searching for Arroyo, who could face petty theft and prowling, both misdemeanour charges in Los Angeles.

(We can only assume he’s coming down real-hard right now, totally oblivious and wondering exactly why his tongue is so sore…)

Thank you comedians of the interwebs

Given that nobody was harmed and the absurd nature of incident the internet has embraced this story with unseen and hilarious vigour. So far, over 2.4 million people have watched the video.

Here’s just a few of our favourite comments. You can read them all (and we mean ALL, like 27 hours worth and counting) right here. 

The most popular comment so far, that’s a big fat funny emoticon from us as well, Rich Gutierrez:

mum central

The maybe-this-guy-has-some-lady-pleasing-skills comments (and there was THOUSANDS of them):

mum central mum central

And here’s a few of our other favourites…
mum central mum central

And the whilst this comment has a double meaning (no judgement here!) this is the question we can’t stop wondering about. Practically, how did the home owners not wake up? Three hours of tongue on that doorbell and it never once made the ding-dong noise?


mum central

And why not watch it for yourself? Go on, you know you want to.

And as this wise woman said,

mum central

The world is a weird place. The upside is we can laugh about it. As for the poor old Dugan’s and their violated doorbell? They commented that it’s been wiped over, real good.

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