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Four-Year-Old Gets a Hold of Mum’s Phone, Orders $869 of Snacks Online

Kids and snacks. They go hand in hand, don’t they? A little boy in the UK decided they didn’t have enough child snacks in the pantry to satisfy his cravings. So he took it upon himself to order some more. $869 more to be exact.

Could you imagine?

His father, Gareth Davies shared the story via his Twitter, explaining that his four-year-old son got a hold of his mum’s phone while she was asleep.

Like most four-year-old boys, this little fella is obviously tech-savvy and not only figured out how to open the Tesco (UK grocery store) app, but to also order an assortment of foods AND set up a delivery time.

Preschooler’s panic buy

What did he decide to buy? Oh, you know, the pantry staples.

Like 1,200 baked tarts and 990 Peperami’s (a meat-pie like-snack).

But he wasn’t all about the snacks. He also ordered foods from all food groups including 24 rashes of bacon, 11 packs of pine nuts and 184 oranges. Oh, and two tins of deodorant.

According to his dad, his son’s full shopping order included:

  • 990 mini Peperamis
  • 120 Viennese Whirls
  • 594 Bakewells
  • 594 Fabs
  • 184 Oranges
  • 11 packs of pine nuts
  • 24 rashers of bacon
  • 24 Cumberland sausages
  • 2 cans of deodorant
  • 2 packs of Frubes
  • 36 packs of Mini Cheddars
  • 8 fishcakes
  • A pack of strawberries
  • A bunch of bananas

Grand total: £451.27. Or $869 AUD.

The little shopper’s plan almost came to fruition before his dad discovered his antics and put a stop to the order going through.

You can never have too many snacks

When questioned by his parents as to why he made the purchase, he replied: “I wanted to have more food than everyone else.”

When his dad explained that they didn’t have enough money to buy ALL the snacks, he even offered to chip in, handing his dad a 14p piece from his pocket. Naww!

While dad put a stop to the delivery, the makers of Peperamis did reach out to the snack-loving child:

“To the Mini-Meathead who tried to order 990 Peperamis(!!!). Let me just say, you’ve got GREAT taste!!” wrote a spokesperson for the brand, pretending to be the “Peperami Animal”.

“I really appreciate how much of a loyal meathead you are … but you need to leave some Peperami for the rest of us mate! How are the rest of the UK supposed to get their meaty treats?! I’m sending you a big care package of Peperami, so you and the rest of your family don’t have to worry about running out and trying to empty your local Tesco again!!”

Flippin’ hilarious!

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