10 Fun Facts about November Babies

Are you expecting a baby this month? If so, we’ve got some great things to share about your special little November delivery!

November babies sparkle with plenty of sweet quirks. They are athletic, social, curious and so much more – have a look at some of the cool facts about babies born in November.

Olympic dreams

November babies are incredibly athletic.  According to a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, kids born in November are fitter and more powerful than those born in other months when measured for cardiorespiratory fitness, handgrip strength, and lower-body power.

Regardless of what sport your little one decides to play, expect them to be great at it! And competitive – that’s another common quality of November babies – they love a good dose of healthy competition!

Life of the Party

You know that kid at daycare or playgroup that happily hugs every other child? That’s your November baby!

November babies are known to be incredibly social creatures and love a good get-together or party! Your little social butterfly will also love organising parties when they are a bit older.

Up all night

Another thing about November babies is that they tend to be night owls. Their creative little brains may have a hard time switching off so expect to spend several hours doing laps around the house in an attempt to soothe your little one to sleep.

The Big 100 

November babies are also more likely to live until the ripe ol’ age of 100! Researchers from the University of Chicago found that babies born from September to November are more likely to become centenarians (or 100-year-olds) than those born in any other month.

Curious Creatures

Babies born in November are most likely Scorpios – known for their smart and curious nature. Be prepared to be asked 8 million questions a day when they reach toddlerhood.

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Another common characteristic of Scorpios is their love for drama. Yep… while November babies tend to be calm, they love conflict and are often drawn to it. This will make for some interesting dinner debates when they are a bit older!

Less chaos during birth

November is one of the least common months for mums to have babies in Australia (December wins, but November is a close second). What does this mean for you? Less screaming in the maternity ward and *fingers crossed* your own room to recover!

Photoshoot fun!

And, of course, you can’t forget that your adorable Novemberite will be the prime age for adorable Christmas-themed newborn photo shoots. Cute Christmas cards here we come!

december babies
It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas-themed newborn shoots! Source: Bigstock

Bundle of joy

One final great trait of November babies is that they are generally happy little humans. They are known for their positive energy and happy nature which means you may just soar through the newborn days/daze with very few worries. Hopefully.

The name game

If you are looking to use a November-themed name for your November bub, then you’ve got a few really sweet options:

  • Nova or Ember 
  • Ashton – Named after Ash, the tree associated with November. The Ash tree is also associated with May and June.
  • Phoenix – One of the symbols of the Scorpio sign (others include the Scorpian, the Spider and the Wolf).
  • Archer/Archie – If your bub is a Sagitarrius – the sign for this zodiac.

Check out our Baby Names Based on Your Birth Month as well as the 100+ Best Names Based on Your Zodiac for more ideas.

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