New Fruit Scare as Pregnant Woman Finds Needles in Grapes

Got some grapes in the fridge? Then take a careful look before you munch because a new fruit needle scare has just erupted.

Victoria Police are investigating after a Melbourne man and his pregnant partner claim to have found needles hidden in grapes bought from their local supermarket.

The young couple – Skender Hasa and mum-to-be Shams Alsubaiy – told 9 News Melbourne they found the needles when preparing an after-dinner snack.

Skender Hasa and Shams Alsubaiy say they found needles in grapes
Skender Hasa and Shams Alsubaiy say they found needles in two grapes

‘I thank God I didn’t eat them’

“I thank God I didn’t eat them. I’m pregnant and I don’t want anything to happen,” Shams told 9 News.

Skender says they found needles in two grapes, after his girlfriend pricked her finger on something sharp.

“When we cut it open there was a needle stuck through it.” Skender Hasa

He says they cut up every grape in the bag and found two needles. Police are now investigating the alleged fruit tampering.

needles found in grapes at Woolworths

Supermarket working with authorities

The pair say they bought the bag of grapes from Woolworths at Craigieburn Plaza, in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, on New Year’s Day.

The supermarket is now investigating. There is no recall on grapes and no reports of needles found in grapes in other states.

“We’re aware of the customer report and will work closely with the authorities as they investigate this matter,” a statement from the supermarket says.

Police have warned that anyone found contaminating food products faces charges and up to 10 years’ jail.

“All contamination reports referred to police will be investigated thoroughly, with the safety and wellbeing of the public at the forefront of our minds,” police said in a statement.

needles in grapes
Image source: 9News

Strawberry scare 

The new needles in grape drama comes several months after the strawberry needle fiasco that saw berry punnets pulled from supermarkets across Australia, crippling berry farmers. One woman was charged after a police investigation, with dozens of needle cases believed to be hoaxes or the work of copycats.

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