Celebrate your Stretch Marks with this Colourful Idea

Stretch marks, pregnancy wounds, mummy badges, angel scratches, tiger stripes – whatever we call them, they are a part of us.

They are our marks of motherhood, proof that our bodies grew our babies and an everyday reminder of what an amazing job we did.

For most of us, our pregnancy stretch marks aren’t exactly celebrated. Sure, we accept that they are there but we tend to hide them under one-piece swimmers, high-waisted undies and SPANX. After all, stretch mark-ridden booties aren’t exactly the norm on Insta these days.

Until now, that is.

Rise of the tiger stripes 

Rather than try to minimise stretch marks with creams and oils, many mums are adding a rainbow of colour to their stripes by tattooing or painting their stretch marks. And, we have to admit, it looks pretty darned cool!

stretch marks painting
Image via Instagram

Butt, breasts, stomach, sides – where there are stripes, there’s an opportunity to turn them into pretty pieces of art.

stretch marks coverings with paint
Image via Instagram
woman stretch marks on breasts
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Get the look

All you need is a rainbow palette of paint and a fine paintbrush.

Or, if you’re looking to make it more permanent, a tattoo artist (and a tolerance for minor pain).

Stretch marks glitter
Image via Instagram

Of course, you can also add a bit of glitter to your stretch marks and make them even more magical. This is an especially fun idea if you’re into the whole glitter butts trend.

mum central
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It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but, if you are looking for a creative way to show off your stripes, then why not? Would you give it a go?

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