Woman Makes Over Her Fridge for Under $10 with Kmart Vinyl Chalk Contact

Vinyl contact is all the rage. It’s $3 a roll at Kmart and comes in heaps of different patterns. Yes, its initial intended purpose was to cover school books, but people have been using it to cover pretty much ANYTHING – old tables, washing machines, walls even.

Often the end result can be less than impressive, but this fridge contact hack is different. It looks amazing! AND… bonus, it transforms your fridge into a chalkboard! How handy!

kmart contact fridge hack
Source: Facebook

No #contactcrime here

Sydneysider Jessica White shared her contact idea on the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook page, explaining that she and her roommate bought a secondhand fridge for $150. The problem? It was covered in dents and markings.

So Jessica got creative and, after a trip to Kmart, got busy contacting the fridge with the $3 vinyl adhesive chalk roll.  She used less than three rolls for the fridge, taking her grand fridge contact hack total to $9!

kmart fridge contact
Source: Facebook

Not only does it look ace but it’s also functional. Jessica has turned her fridge into a massive chalkboard. She and her roommate use it to write messages, shopping lists, daily reminders, etc.

Pretty flippin’ ingenious, right? I can see myself and my kids LOVING this idea! And we’re not the only ones. Since the idea was posted last week, it’s already received over 4,500 likes and plenty of positive comments from others looking to do the same.

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