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Dad’s Reaction to Pinworms is the Hilarious Parenting Reminder we all Need

There are a lot of disgusting milestones for parents. From poonamis to snotty sneezes, from gastro to head lice, yep.. you’re going to experience your fair share of dry-retching moments.

One dad thought he had seen it all until he discovered his son had pinworms. Also known as threadworms. Or, as he refers to them, booty worms. 

Pinworms are insanely common but the whole realisation that his son has ‘worms in his booty hole’ was a lot for this dad to take.

Justin, from drumbeatlane shared his realisation on social media, racking up the views and laughs as he reminds everyone that yes, in parenting, you will more than likely encounter worms in your child’s bum. 

@drumbeatlane Parenting truly is just one surprise after another. But the biggest surprise to me every time something crazy happens is that it is usually super common, just no one talks about it. So I’m warning you. Your child might get worms in their anus. #justinkellough #dadsoftiktok #parentsoftiktok #momsoftiktok #parentingadvice #parenting @Justin ♬ original sound – Justin

There are pinworms in your son’s butthole.

In the now-viral video, Justin announces through clenched teeth, “My son has worms in his anus.” 

The dad shares his exciting news while walking to the shops to buy his son’s medication. 

“No one tells you about this stuff when you’re thinking about being a parent but apparently it’s like super normal for a child to just have worms in his booty hole,” Justin says. 

He explains that he was never told about this before having kids so wanted to warn anyone thinking of having children that booty worms are totally a thing. 

People flocked to the comment section to share their own nightmare-inducing stories about pinworms as well as thank Justin for his worming revelation. 

One commenter, Dr. Cerissa Key, chimed in on Justin’s story too, admitting that pinworms are super common and normal, even though the whole thing is super weird.

Kids are susceptible to pinworms because they pass their germs around daycare/schools/etc and aren’t always the best at washing their hands.  Then they bring their booty worms home to us parents who also more than likely get worms too. FUN times for all! 

“Justin, sir. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But if your son has worms in his booty hole, sir, politely and respectfully, you also have worms in your booty hole,” Dr Cerissa Key reveals.

Now, of course, we are probably all thinking the same thing – do our kids have worms in their booty holes too? How can you even tell?

The main symptom is an itchy bum, especially at night, but sometimes kids will have worms without the itch. In some cases, you may even be able to see the worm poo and eggs clinging to the skin around the anus. And yes, parenting is really this disgusting.

Pinworms in children
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A few other symptoms include reduced appetite, feeling mildly unwell, inflammation of the vagina and even moodiness. 

Chocolate squares for booty worms

To rid your child of moody booty worms, they will need to take medication that comes in a chocolate square and that kids enjoy eating.  Everyone in the household should take it as well, even if you don’t have any symptoms.

Pinworms love all booty holes, including adults. 

Better Health also suggests these things to prevent another run-in with pinworms: 

    • All family members should wash their hands and nails thoroughly with soap and water, particularly after going to the toilet, after changing nappies, before preparing food and before eating food.
    • Discourage scratching of the bottom and nail-biting.
    • Keep fingernails short.
    • Daily bathing and showering.
    • Wash all sheets, bed linen, pyjamas and sleepwear in hot water to kill any pinworm eggs.
    • Clean toilet seats and potties regularly with disinfectant (remember to store the disinfectant out of reach of children).
    • All family members should take the medication, regardless of whether they are experiencing symptoms. 

So, to the parents who were not aware that pinworms are a thing, consider yourself warned. Fingers crossed your little ones only bring you home a nice painting or two home from kindy this week… but, hey, you never know! 

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