Woman Divides Internet after “Suing her Parents for Having Her”

Over 2 million people have listened to Kass Theaz’s story about suing her parents. The New Jersey Tiktokker explained in a viral video how she sued her parents because “she did not consent to being here” and, especially having to grow up and become an adult.

In the viral video, Kass keeps a straight face the entire time making it seem like she is actually serious.

“I sued my parents” 

“So my parents that I sued. They contributed to, you know, conceiving me, and my mother that raised me, she gave birth to me.

And that’s why I sued them, because I did not consent to being here, like, I was unaware that I was going to have to grow up and get a job to support myself.

And I just didn’t consent to that. They didn’t try to contact me in any way before I was born to see if I actually wanted to be here, and that’s why I sued them.”

Kass is especially convincing as she shares her story and even suggests that pregnant women should hire a psychic medium to ask their unborn child if they “actually want to be here”.

“Otherwise, they will sue you because I’m making that my life mission to teach children to sue their parents, so they don’t have to work,” she insists.

Kass, who is a mum, admits she adopted her children because that’s the ‘ethical way’.

“It’s different when you adopt because it’s not my fault that they’re here. I’m just trying to be a good person and help them out. You know what I mean?”

Kass later explains that she ‘sued’ her parents for $5,000 a month but they don’t even care and they are still on speaking terms. When asked why she didn’t just ask for the money, she explained she wanted to “work for it”. By suing them.

Seriously? Of course not! 

Kass’ video has amassed a huge number of views and thousands of comments, many of which are complaining about Kass’ entitlement and spoiled attitude. Which, of course, is the point of the whole thing. It’s a satire after all. Kass is showcasing just how ridiculously entitled some kids these days really are.

But many missed the satire, not realising it was all a joke, even though her TikTok account is clearly labelled as a “satire account”. Kass also posts heaps of other satirical content but, at first glance and thanks to Kass’ brilliant poker face, it’s hard to tell. She also takes the joke pretty far and, I mean, it could happen, especially in America.

“I thought it was obvious that I was joking,” Kass told The Post. “I do find it humorous, though. People get worked up over anything. It shows how little people research before reacting.”

Although it does seem a little far-fetched that someone would sue their parents for their birth, it’s certainly not the strangest thing we’ve seen on the internet. Recently we shared a story about a woman who sued a high-end hotel because she unknowingly drank one of the hotel staff’s sperm, collected inside a water bottle.

Not. A. Joke.

Watch Kass’ viral video about suing her parents

Check out Kass’ viral video about suing her parents below and see what you think. Do you know Kass is joking from the start or does it seem like this could be the real deal?

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