Decorating a Kid’s Bedroom: 17 Expert Tips for Toddler Through to Teen Rooms


Clear your weekend, make a shopping list and put on your painting pants, ladies and gents – it’s time to decorate your little one’s bedroom! Whether you’re starting fresh in a new home or are looking to revamp the space, we’ve got some expert advice on where to start, what to avoid and how to transform your child’s bedroom into something calming, customised, creative and, of course, Instaworthy.

So before you take a trip to Bunnings, take a look at our top tips for decorating a kid’s bedroom from the homebuilding expert, Metricon.

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Where to begin??? With the kid’s bedroom, of course! These tips are sure to help ensure the best result when decorating a kid’s bedroom without costing the earth.

How to style a kid's bedroom - tips from Metricon
Refresh their space with these expert home decorating tips. Source: Supplied

Decorating a kid’s bedroom: What you’ll need

Every kid’s bedroom requires a place to sleep and a place to keep things (clothes, etc) – a bed and a dresser.

Most bedrooms will also have a bedside table, additional storage, perhaps a few toys or a desk and chair depending on the child’s age and some items to customise the area – a lamp, a rug, some greenery, some knick-knacks and wall art. 

Decorating a kid's bedroom tips and tricks
You don’t have to spend a fortune when decorating your kid’s room. Source: Supplied

Bye Bye Nursery! Hello, big kid room

Making the transition from nursery to big kid room is exciting for both you and them. Here are 9 tips to get you started:

1. GO NEUTRAL. Opt for neutral-coloured drawers, a bedside table and a ‘big kids’ bed. There are plenty of furniture companies that have great discounts on all three must-have bedroom items.

2. CONSIDER CANE. Raffia and cane are ideal for kids’ bedrooms right now and can be incorporated into floor rugs, lighting and seating.

Metricon Kid's Bedroom Decorating Tips
Cane is an elegant choice when decorating a kid’s bedroom. Source: Supplied

3. DON’T PAINT TO THEIR PREFERENCES. “Mummy, I want a Gabby room”… Of course, you do, darling. Right now. But in a year’s time, your little one may not be obsessed with Gabby’s Dollhouse anymore and they will still be left with a room painted in purples and greens with weird cats all over the walls. Instead, opt for light walls and carpeting that won’t overstimulate. Accessorise instead, easily interchangeable (and a whole lot easier).

4. STICK TO THEMES AND BOLD COLOURS FOR BEDDING. To cater to their requests now, consider things that can easily be replaced like bedding, wall art, pillows and soft toys. Remember, kids change their minds – often – so try not to go over the top with one theme or another.

Decorating a kid's bedroom
Animal-themed rooms are hugely popular with little ones and very easy to pull off! Source: Supplied

5. OUT WITH THE BABY, IN WITH THE BIG KID. As the cot and the change table go, one thing you might consider is a desk or small table to foster their creativity. Add a desk caddy to hold paper, textas and crayons to encourage their drawing.

Another great addition to a child’s room is a play tent, a great chillout space and ideal for quiet time and reading books.

Decorating a kid's bedroom
A play tent is the perfect addition to a big kid’s room. Source: Supplied

6. INVEST IN TOY ORGANISATION. A good storage and shelving system will be your best friend. When your little one is still young, opt for boxes and shelves that they can reach so they can ‘help’ pack up at the end of the day.

7. KEEP IT FUN BUT FUNCTIONAL. The main objective of your child’s bedroom is to create a safe and calming space for sleep. Invest in a night light or sleep clock to help them drift off to sleep each night.

8. PERSONALISE.  We love a little bit of personalisation – a blanket, a pillow or even a wall decal with their name on it. These make the room extra special for them, and a personalised item is something that will grow with them too.

A lovely cot blanket, for example, will remain with them forever and most likely become a throw in their room when they are older.

9. GET THEM INVOLVED. Ask them what they would like to see in their big kid’s bedroom to help get them excited about this change.

Metricon's home building tips on decorating a kid's bedroom
A touch of personalisation works in any kid’s bedroom, from a nursery to a teen’s room. Source: Supplied

Transforming your tween/teen space

Most kids will decide they want to refresh their room when they are entering the 8+ age. This can be a really fun project for both you and them.

You may want to tackle the project yourself and then surprise them or you may want to work as a team to customise a room that complements their big kid/tween vibe. Whatever the case, here are a few things to remember.

1. WALLS DON’T NEED TO MATCH THE MOOD: “I want a black room, mum”. Because I’m a teen and I’m literally a mood. Try to avoid painting your teen’s room an extra dark colour as it can make the room feel much smaller and hard to paint over.

If they insist, opt for a feature wall only or suggest they choose darker bedding and wall art.

2. WHAT’S ON TREND TODAY? Baby pinks and blues tend to be reserved for the little ones. Tweens and teens these days have their own aesthetic, whether it’s retro, geometric, preppy, glam, or monochrome.

Bright pillows, LED string lights and photo wall collages seem to be the go with tweens these days too. But of course, it’s best to ask them what they’d like in their room. And, remember tweens, black walls are not an option.

Decorating a kid's bedroom tips and tricks from Metricon
Geometric feature walls are popular with teens and deceptively easy to do. Source: Supplied

3. ADD SOME GREENERY. Hanging vines, desk plants and hanging plants in macrame hangers all add a pop of colour to the space.

4. CHOOSE A CENTERPIECE THAT REFLECTS THEM. If your child is sporty, consider investing in a medal/trophy holder (or a few if you’re child is extra sporty). These look lovely and offer a great way to display their achievements and showcase their efforts.

If they are arty, suggest they make some of their own wall art to customise this space.

decorating a kid's bedroom - tips from Metricon
Instagram-style motivational messages also look fantastic on wall-hanging banners. Source: Supplied

5. DON’T OVERDO IT. Hard, we know, but a few select pieces is all you need. Something simple for the wall, a few small items for the desk, a pillow or two. Less is more.

6. MAKE SPACE FOR THEIR STUFF. Your teen will accumulate a bunch of stuff as the days go by, including mementoes from outings, phone chargers that they’ve stolen from you, makeup that they’ve also stolen from you, skincare they don’t need but insist on buying, stationery they also don’t need but insist on collecting. Perhaps a random apple core or two. Definitely a dirty plate or three.

It’s important to keep this space decluttered to accommodate the stuff they bring into the room. It’s also important to remind them that the dishwasher exists for a reason.

7. STORAGE STILL MATTERS: As your child grows they may not need excess storage for stuffed animals and toys, but they will still need several storage systems in place to keep track of their other collections.

This may include gaming equipment, LEGO models, makeup, shoes (so many shoes!) and stationery. 

8. INVEST IN A REALLY NICE (AND BIG) LAUNDRY BASKET. Better yet, let them pick it out. And then explain to them (85 times) that this is where their dirty clothes go. Not on the floor. Not under the bed. Not hidden in their closet.


Find your home decorating groove

The bottom line when it comes to home decorating, regardless of the space, is to have fun with it! Think clutter-free and calm with some pops of personalisation and colour.

Let the kids get involved which will hopefully encourage little ones to want to sleep in their own rooms (no 2am Night Nijas crawling into your bed) and also hopefully encourage big kids to own this space and keep it clean and tidy (one can dream, right?).

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Be sure to have fun while decorating your kid’s bedroom. Source: Supplied

We hope these kids’ bedroom decorating tips have given you some inspiration and ideas for your own kids’ bedrooms. Check out home builders Metricon for additional tips on home decorating, including lookbooks, home design catalogues, style tips and more.

It’s a home decor inspiration gold mine!

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