These DIY Cubby Houses are Next Level Amazing!

If you love a good cubby house build, then get ready to be swept into backyard bliss with these epic DIY cubby houses. A double-story cubby house, a cubby house modelled after a Disney classic, a cubby house specially built for two very lucky pups… and so much more.

Take a look at the coolest DIY cubby houses that prove DIY is an actual art!

To Paradise Falls and Beyond

Cubby house Up
The house in UP and the cubby house Scott made. Amazing! Image via Facebook

Let’s start in the magical world of UP, a Disney-Pixar classic that left us all with tears in our eyes and serious house envy. One dad decided to go above and beyond by recreating the iconic colourful UP! house into a cubby for his kids.

It set him back around $10,000 and took 15 months to build, but, wow! What an achievement.

Cubby house UP
Image via Facebook

The DY cubby house includes two stories, a play kitchen, seating, and even Wi-Fi so the kids can stream movies. It’s fully insulated and perfect for sleepovers too. All that’s missing is that mobile chair thingy Carl uses to get up and down the stairs. We are UP-sessed!

The Purrfect Pet Palace

Next off the mark, we have THE doghouse of the century which is actually made from two Kmart cubby houses, back when they were super popular and retailed for less than $200.

Kmart cubby house - doghouse
Source: Facebook

DIY-experts Jess and Sinclair are the masterminds behind this epic home for their dogs – Martha and Dorothy.  And isn’t it the most amazing dog house you’ve ever seen?

The lighting, the white picket fence, the timber decking, even the bright green and red doors (which the dogs have discovered how to open themselves) … it’s what DIY dreams are made of, even for the dogs.

A City of DIY Cubby Houses 

Speaking of cool Kmart cubby house transformations, this one really floored us! Super mum Kymberleigh used two Kmart cubbies plus some extra bits and pieces of timber she found in her shed to transform your typical cubby into a city of pretend play.

Kmart DIY cubby houses
Source: Facebook

Shopfront #1 on Main Street is the town’s fire station, complete with signage, a fire hose, even a little bell to ring. Kymberleigh explains that used scrap pipes and a plastic bowl to make the fire hydrant.

Shopfront #2 is Bambini’s Cafe, dishing up delicious ice creams and burgers all day long.

Shopfront #3 is the town’s Police Station. Painted blue with white checkers, it even features a jail with black bars on the windows. Too clever!

Kyal and Kara’s Cabana Cubby

Kyal and Kara are pretty famous for their DIY expertise so it’s no surprise that their play house is as pretty as it gets. The stunning backyard cubby includes a purpose-built slide, timber cladding, a personal veggie garden, and a cute cabana.

Kyal and Kara's DIY cubby house
Source: Instagram

Dad’s Double Decker DIY Dream

Michigan dad and builder Adam Boyd crafted this ultimate fortress for his kids, complete with pretty much everything you’d want from a cubby house.

dad designs epic cubby house for his daughters
Source: Facebook

Towering more than seven metres, the outside area includes a swing set, ropes and rock climbing walls, a massive spiral slide and even a timber bridge. The mini-mansion even comes with its own zipline.

Best DIY cubby houses
Source: Facebook

Inside is just as amazing. The ground floor includes a deluxe play kitchen and a beautiful timber picnic table. Painted in shades of purple with white accents, the room is perfectly paired for two little princesses. Head up a sturdy timber ladder and the girls reach a loft before arriving at the upper level. What a labour of love!

An American fortress 

This cubby house below is only part of the backyard dream of a family in Texas. Not only does the backyard area feature an insane wooden cubby with a rock wall, three big slides and bridges galore, but it also comes with its own swimming pool, sand pit, swings and heaps more. Check out the full photo gallery here – backyard goals!

backyard inspiration
Source: Home Junkie

Yes, you can buy this at Bunnings (sort of)  

We’ll end with a whimsical wonder that would certainly be the piece du resistance in any backyard. And it’s actually from Bunnings! The cubby house is the Hideout Tower cubby house ($1,987) available from Bunnings.

DIY cubby house transformation
Source: Instagram

It’s been a little bit pumped up with DIY power though, with a slick coat of paint, a swing set and a large deck around it. The egg chair just completes the whole look. DIY Cubby House Goals!

More cubby house inspiration

We’ve also featured a few amazing cubby houses you can pick up from some of the big names in outdoor play. No DIY needed. This one from Castle and Cubby (below) is beautiful!

Castle and Cubby Zimi
Source: Castle & Cubby

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