‘None of You are Invited’ to this Adorable First Quarantine Birthday Party

Is your little one turning one during lockdown? Sure, they may miss out on the professional cake smash photoshoot and the epic first birthday party with ALL the fixings, but, that doesn’t mean you have to cancel the day altogether.

Take a page out of Perth mum Kylie Najjar’s (Face)book and stage a quarantine first birthday party. All you need? A cot, a homemade sign, some balloons and a bit of “No Entry” tape from Bunnings.

Quarantine birthday party sorted. 

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Quarantine first birthday party goals right here. Image: Facebook

Honestly, how epic is this? And what an insanely cool memento to show the birthday boy on his 21st. Sure, he probably won’t remember turning one in lockdown, but mum’s got an awesome quarantine birthday poster and a photo on Facebook to prove it!

Party like it’s 2020 and nothing, is open

Kylie shared her awesome quarantine birthday party pic on her Facebook page, and, naturally, it received ALL the love and comments. The No Entry tape, the matching balloons and even a cute little hat for the Birthday Boy – what’s not to love?

As Kylie writes, “Jai’s got this social distancing gig down pat.”

None of you are invited

But what brings the whole look together has got to be the sign, which Kylie made herself. You can also buy similar ones on Etsy if you’re not keen on DIY.

quarantine first birthday
Image source: Etsy

Virtual birthday parties are the new normal 

More and more kids are celebrating their big days at home, and, although it can be a bit disappointing, especially if your child had his heart set on a big bash with all his mates, it’s just the way it is now.

We’ve got a whole heap of great virtual birthday party ideas, from virtual magic shows to ready-made party theme packs. Be sure to check it out above and make it a party to remember!

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