All hail the Mini Egg. Easter Bunny KNOWS this is the egg of choice for many adults (namely myself). Got a bag of mini Easter eggs in your pantry – here’s 13 mouth watering recipes to show them off in all their glory!

Why is the mini Easter egg a fave, you ask? For one, it gets top marks for sharing – one bag can be dolled out to many pleading hands.

It’s great for discreet snacking, from pocket to mouth in one swoop (please, no judging). And when your pantry contains Mini Eggs, there’s NOTHING YOU CAN’T DO to create an Easter themed ANYTHING. So here it is, a celebration of the mini Easter egg.

1. Milkshakes

Oh sweet baby cheeses. It’s a case of go hard or go home with this Mini Egg milkshake concoction from Salty Canary. Move over 50SIXONE, there’s a new chick in town.

Easter, mini eggs, milkshake

2. Let them eat (a super pretty) cake

For the sweetest cake to show off some newly found piping skills, I adore this pastel gem from Cloudy Kitchen. Dotted with mini eggs, it’s nearly as sweet as Easter Bunny himself.

Easter, mini eggs, cake

3. Same same but different

All the surprise of a Kinder Surprise but made in your very own kitchen. Be brave, try this recipe from Taste and prepare to feel so very smug and so very CLEVER.

Easter, mini eggs, chocolate crackle egg

4. No bake cheesecake

If baking isn’t your thing, don’t despair. Even your cheesecake can be Easterific with this recipe from Taming Twins.

Easter, mini eggs, cheesecake

5. Easter Rocky road

There’s nothing wrong with churning out this old favourite, Kitchen Mason‘s mini egg rocky road for the win!

Easter, mini eggs, rocky road

6. Mini Egg popcorn bars

Sprinkles, mini easter eggs, popcorn, chocolate and marshmallows – what’s not to love? Follow It Bakes Me Happy‘s how-to to recreate your own delicious Mini Egg popcorn bars.

Easter, mini eggs, popcorn bars

7. No bake bird nests

My kids and I love to make the chocolate version of these and I LOVE the idea of a butterscotch addition to the Easter line up. Yum! For all the details, head on over to Ahead of Thyme.

Easter, mini eggs, birdsnest

8. Easter Bunny munch

Settling in to watch a favourite Easter movie? Swap out your regular movie treats for a bowl of Moritz Fine Designs‘ Easter bunny munch – it’s trail mix, Easter style!

Easter, mini eggs, trail mix

9. Simple and sweet Easter cupcakes

Perfect for picnics, these pint sized vanilla cupcakes are given an adorable Easter topper that anyone can do! Find out exactly what’s involved over at Garnish and Glaze.

Easter, mini eggs, cupcake

10. An Easter dessert to end all desserts

If Salty Canary‘s milkshakes weren’t enough to whet your appetite, perhaps this doughnut, ice cream filled, chocolate sauce and mini egg topped sandwich might? Too much? Nah, surely not.

Easter, mini eggs, ice cream sandwich

11. Mini Egg cookie bars

From Something Swanky, this easy peasy but mighty delicious, Mini Egg chocolate chip cookie bars.

Easter, mini eggs, cookie bars

12. Easter bark

You’re far from barking up the wrong tree if you visit clutching a plate of chocolate bark. Head on over to Five Heart Home for the recipe!

Easter, mini eggs, chocolate bark

13. Mini Egg marshmallow slice

When biscuits, marshmallow and Mini Eggs collide, amazing things happen. I take my hat off to the good folk at Taste, they know how to do Easter eggcellently.

Easter, mini eggs, chocolate slice

With all that said, I wish you all a Happy Easter and may your mini Easter eggs be plentiful! Check out this cute Cadbury Creme Egg idea for more easy Easter snacks.

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