These Beastly ‘Goat Shoes’ Are Now a Thing Because #FARSHUN

It’s 2019, the year of the pig, but, if the latest fashion trend is anything to go by, it should be the year of the GOAT. 

Thanks to French fashion house Maison Margeila, women are frothing over these odd-shaped shoes, affectionately known as goat shoes.

goat shoes trend
Goat shoes…the latest #farshunfail

No, we’re not hoofing around here.

Go Goat Shoe or Go Home

So, what is a goat shoe? It’s pretty much a camel toe, but on your toes. Goat shoes come in various styles, all with the signature split-toe sock, which will make your foot look like a goat’s hoof. #fashiongoals 

Recently, actress Cody Fern pranced down the Red Carpet in the Tabi goat shoe model. And now everyone wants in on the action.

goat shoes trend

goat shoes trend
Nice hooves you have there

There is a whole range of goat shoe styles to choose from too – canvas sneakers, loafers, high tops and boots for both men and women. And they cost a pretty penny too! The Tabi leather boot is $1572 on

Not even kidding…

goat shoes trend

What the Bleat is Happening to Fashion? 

This isn’t the first time a completely unusual trend has swept through the farshun world (Yes, in 2019 it’s not fashion. It’s FARSHUN, darling). There have been heaps of other ‘interesting’ articles of clothing and beauty trends that have left us wondering what in the world… 

Remember these barely-there bikini bottoms that give your flaps free-range to hang about? They went crazy on social media and the comments were HILARIOUS! Take this lovely comment, for example:

“Sweet lord, this would make my vagina look like a hedgehog stuck under a floorboard”

Amen girl.

Flaps for days

Next, we have the trendy Vulva scarf. Because nothing says ‘sexy’ quite like a vulva around the neck. This hairy number was designed by none-other-than Fendi and retails for $1300. So much WHY!!??

Fendi Vulva Scarf
Heart on your sleeve, vagina on your neck

Sticking to the obsession with the female anatomy, we’ve also got these beautiful vagina nails.

vagina nail art
So much wrong

And, we can’t forget these lovely super long toenails, another beauty trend we can’t quite figure out.

nail fashion long toenails

Then there was that time an LA-based designer tried to pass off these bits of fabric as $170 jeans. Um..mate…where’s the rest of them??

mum central
Whaddja call this? The ripped (off) look?

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a walk down weird fashion alley without mentioning that time women used to frolic around with glitter on their bums. Sparkle Butts unite.

glitter butt trend
Image via @gypsyapparel

Sparkle butts, vulva scarfs and now goat shoes… yes, the world is a weird place, indeed. What will they come up with next?

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