This Giant Family Bed is What Co-Sleeping Dreams are Made of

Once upon a time, I used to go to sleep in my bed and wake up in the same bed. Usually in a similar position.

Now, I wake up to three kids in my bed, all of them sleeping sideways. Sometimes I wake up jammed up against the wall, sometimes in one of their beds, sometimes on the couch.

I didn’t choose the co-sleeping life. It chose me.

Which is why this monstrous co-sleeping bed above NEEDS to come home with me. Like yesterday.

family bed
Source: Ace Collection

Seriously, how amazing would it be?

It’s 12 glorious feet of space which means even if my kids ALL slept sideways, there would still be plenty of room for me to sleep without someone kicking me.

It also means I could ship the snoring husband to the edge of the bed and probably not hear him. Especially when I “accidentally” throw 15 pillows over his head.

family sized bed by Ace Collection
Source: Ace Collection

Dream big

Who designs this giant bed? The company is called The Ace Collection – based in the land of the supersized – America. The Ace family size bed will set you back a small fortune – you’ll need $2000 to $4500 USD for the mattress alone. Sheets cost $250 USD, plus a pretty headboard and bed will set you back another $5,000 USD.

Oh, and you’ll need to figure out a way to transfer this thing to Australia too. Probably using your own shipping container.

co-sleeping bed
Source: Taylor & Wells

There is another company that also makes a family bed – Taylor & Wells (pic above). Also American, also expensive, also BYO Shipping Container.

But, hey, if you’re swimming in money and not sure how to spend it, then this seems like a smart move to us.

I mean, LOOK at all that space. 3.65 meters of glorious comfort. Nevermind the fact it probably wouldn’t fit in my bedroom. I’ll set the thing up in my garage if I have to. Screw the car.

The family bed that grows with you

But what happens when the kids finally decide they are too old to come into your bed? Well, then you’re left with a LOT of free bed space. Probably a good idea to rescue some puppies to fill it.

family bed for co-sleeping
Source: Ace Collection

Just an idea.

Make your own family bed 

If you can’t afford this giant family bed for your co-sleeping requirements, you can always make one yourself like this clever mum-of-five did a few years ago.

co-sleeping bed
Source: Facebook

This bedding masterpiece comfortably sleeps all five of her kids, then aged 11 to one, plus mum and dad.

We highly doubt they will be procreating any more children in that bed though. Not unless ALL the kids are at sleepovers for the night.

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