Winning at reducing food waste is Woolworths – they’re turning their day-old bakery bread into delicious frozen garlic bread! HOW GOOD IS FANCY PANTS SOURDOUGH GARLIC BREAD? No more having to make it yourself, it’s available at Woolies – and you’re reducing the wastage footprint by buying it up. It’s a win, win situation of the best kind – scrumptious!

We all love freshly baked bread, right? Right. Woolworths supermarkets pride themselves on baking fresh daily to meet the carb cravings of the masses – but it’s not always sold before closing time, despite that glorious gold yellow sale price sticker. So what’s a store to do when grocery prices are already skyrocketing and throwing out food is a no-go zone? The solution is as delicious as it is practical – it’s frozen garlic bread.

Woolworths shared the news on their TikTok platform with a video that has amassed over 293,000 views and plenty of comments from The Fresh Food People’s mightily impressed customers. Scroll down to watch it for yourself!

Saving on food waste with garlic bread

Yes, that’s right, Woolworths in Double Bay is setting the tasty wheels in motion by taking their unsold bakery loaves (think yummy sourdough, baguettes and the like) from the shelves at the end of the day and upcycling them.

food waste, garlic bread hack
No waste here, Woolworths are upcycling their leftover daily bread bakes! Source: TikTok

Each loaf is cut them just right depending on its shape and generously slathering them with garlic butter. I mean, just LOOK AT IT. You know it’s going to be super soft and buttery… *drool*

food waste, garlic bread hack
Yes, we like our garlic butter THICK. Bring it! Source: TikTok

Loaves are then alfoil wrapped, bagged and frozen for 12 hours before being sold back to the public as a frozen garlic bread product. #GENIUS

food waste, garlic bread hack
Sliced, buttered, wrapped and bagged for a frozen bed. Woolies are moving towards zero food wastage with TASTE! Source: TikTok

Let’s hope this is a nationwide garlic bread hack movement

Now I’m not going to lie, I REALLY hope that this upcycled bread hack will be rolled out in all Woolworths stores nationwide and I’m crossing my fingers that’s the long-term plan. After all, who doesn’t love garlic bread? So if you’re in the Double Bay area, please, go in and find your upcycled garlic bread in its dedicated freezer. YUM!

@woolworths_au Garlic bread is a food group. #woolies #woolworths #aussie #throwback #bakery #wooliesgang ♬ original sound – Woolworths_au

For everyone else, you of course can copy Woolies hack at home with one of their marked-down loaves and if you’re one of the very few who don’t care for garlic bread, be sure to check out our very own TikTok on how to rejuvenate stale sourdough bread.

@mumcentral 🥖 STALE BREAD HACK! 🥖 Don’t throw out those rolls or sourdough, here’s how to EASILY save that bread you forgot about! #kitchenhack #cookinghack #sourdough #airfryer #asmr ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

We’ve got the bread covered, here’s what to do about fruit!

If your fruit bowl is full of fruity fatalities – bruised bananas, toddler nibbled apples and soft peaches – just to name a few, here are 10 useful ways you can reuse your fruit instead of throwing it out. From banana nice-cream to fruity crumbles, we’ve got all the tasty tricks for you.

There you have it, folks, it’s a gold star for the Woolworths team from us at Mum Central! Do you have any hacks to avoid food wastage you’d like to share? Drop them in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!

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