Check Out This Action-Packed Nerf Birthday Party

A Nerf birthday party? YOU BET! Get ready to AIM and FIRE for some serious action-packed birthday fun! This mum created an EPIC Nerf-themed party and we have ALL the details for you!

Birthday parties can get trickier the older the kids get, but this mum NAILED it. Or should we say NERFed it?

nerf birthday party
Ready to party NERF style? These guys sure are! Source: Alicia Bee

Ready for some Nerfing fun? 

Ahhh, boys. They have SO much energy. It makes sense to let them run free in a big, wide-open space like Spring Farm park, right? Totally!

That’s exactly what Alicia did when faced with throwing her son, Kaden’s epic 7th birthday party. And just as well because those Nerf bullets can FLY.

nerf party
Choose your Nerf weapon and get ready to fire! Source: Alicia Bee

Being a Nerf themed party, it was a given there’d be Nerf guns involved and Alicia certainly didn’t disappoint.

Check out her sweet pegboard to store a dozen nifty Nerf guns. And because safety is important – GOGGLES. Every parent knows it’s all fun and games until there’s an eye injury and that WASN’T happening on Alicia’s watch.

nerf party
Safety FIRST! Nerf goggles for everyone. Source: Alicia Bee

Where to buy

For those looking to throw a Nerf party, Alicia says to keep an eye out for toy sales and look for good value.

Kmart is the cheapest, $12 for a twin pack of Nerf guns. And the goggles are $12!”

Alicia provided a few obstacles for the boys running around the grass with these supercool inflatable battle zone bunkers and wood crates, fitting perfectly with the Nerf theme.

mum centralTIP: If you want to find them too, head to eBay and search ‘Bunkr’ in outdoor toys.

nerf party
Hit it or hide behind it? It’s up to you! Source: Alicia Bee

Nerf cake and cookies for all 

Alicia took care of the entertainment and (wisely) outsourced the cake and sweets to local businesses – BOTH with an outstanding result. I mean, hello, this birthday cake is EVERYTHING.

nerf party
Nerf party featuring a showstopper of a cake! Source: Alicia Bee

Alicia says the brilliant birthday cake (complete with awesome 3D life-like Nerf gun and bullets) was made by the talented Mastello Creations. This cake baker NAILED the brief. What a piece of unbelievable art it is!

nerf party
Nerf darts and targets you can EAT! Source: Alicia Bee

The trays of sweet decorated cookies come from the very clever Imogen’s Sugar Sweets and delicious cake pops were made by Romeo’s Cakes and Co. I think I can speak for everyone when I say it all looks SO DELICIOUS.

nerf party
Cake pops – GET IN MY BELLY! Source: Alicia Bee

A fantastic day was had by all and we have NO doubt these kids would have all slept very well that night.

As for party favours, the kids got to take home their Nerf gun, goggles, and a bag of delicious treats for good measure!

nerf party
Woot! Party favours for all! Alicia found the bags at Kmart and bought the tags off Etsy!  Source: Alicia Bee

Hats off to you Alicia, you certainly know how to throw an amazing birthday party!

If anyone is hosting a Nerf birthday party of their own at home, maybe consider this epic Nerf dart vacuum as a party game!

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