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IKEA FLISAT Sensory Play Table Hack (Plus 11 Cool Play Ideas!)


It’s the IKEA hack taking the internet by storm, and we’re not surprised as to why!

Take one IKEA FLISAT table and prepare for it to be the ultimate playroom gamechanger with this sensory play table hack.

Start the car – TO IKEA WE GO!

Yes, you totally need an IKEA FlLISAT children’s table. Here are three very handy reasons to justify the purchase:

  1. Two children can comfortably play on either side of this table so that kids can play together easily.
  2. The IKEA FLISAT table can switch from a flat surface table to a play table in seconds.
  3. IKEA TROFAST storage boxes fit under the lids of the FLISAT table so you can have a few sets up your sleeve to easily switch sensory play ideas.

AND let’s not forget, the price is right. The IKEA FLISAT table is only $99, and IKEA TROFAST storage tubs start from $3 at IKEA stores, nationwide.


So many IKEA FLISAT play ideas await…

There’s plenty of imaginative play past a tin of pencils and a stack of paper to be had. And if you’re stuck for ideas, there’s a whole lot of #flisatinspo to be had on Instagram. Because let’s face it, sometimes thinking of ways to entertain the kids day in, day out is a STRUGGLE.

So, some mums to follow on Instagram with their fingers on the FLISAT pulse are Flisatfun, Flisat_toddler and See some of the brilliant examples of how these fun mums use their FLISAT table below!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”11 Ways IKEA FLISAT table Levels up your playroom game”]

1. Build marble runs (and other cool builds)

mum central
Build it up, build it up, build it higher! Source: Instagram @flisatfun

2. Unicorn bubble baths

mum central
A gel bath for these magical unicorns! Source: Instagram @flisatfun

3. Horsey hygiene

mum central
A roll in the cereal hay followed by a scrub, neigh! Source: Instagram @flisatfun

4. Lego fun!

Every kid’s dream! Source: Instagram @flisatfun

5. Cheerio diggers

Earthworks of the Cheerios and coconut kind. Source: Instagram @flisat_toddler

6. Kinetic sand play

How we like kinetic sand – CONTAINED. Source: Instagram @flisat_toddler

7. Muddy puddles with Peppa Pig

Jump George, JUMP! Source: Instagram

8. Alphabet rocks

Letter recognition made FUN. Source: Instagram

9. Coloured spaghetti

Play with it, chop it, thread it, and likely munch it. Source: Instagram @flisat_toddler

10. Rub-a-dub-dub there’s a bub in the tub

Splish, splash, the baby is taking a bath! Source: Instagram @inspire_my_play

11. Warm and cold water play

Katy Perry said it best when it’s hot, and it’s cold. Source: Instagram @littlesexaxgio

Plus there are LOADS more ideas out there to discover to team up with your new IKEA FLISAT sensory table hack! What do you think? We think it’s an excellent idea to tuck away for Christmas!

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