WATCH! Imagine the Possibilities – A New World for Barbie

Barbie has long been an iconic childhood toy for women around the world.

Even today she is still loved and cherished by millions of little girls. Just like their mothers they build their dolls elaborate houses out of shoe boxes, brush their hair and push them around in little hot pink toy convertibles to meet boyfriend Ken and BFF Midge.

But it hasn’t always been easy for Barbie.

She is heavily scrutinised for her unhealthy body image attributing to eating disorders and self-esteem issues in many of the young girls who play with her. She is judged for her portrayal of girls as unintelligent and has women’s rights groups and activists up in arms for her constant role of playing housewife and nothing more. Until recent years, you couldn’t get Brain Surgeon Barbie or Engineering Barbie, the choices were mostly limited to such dolls as Teenage Fashion Model Barbie, Ballerina Barbie or Singer Barbie.

Eager to take Barbie down a new and exciting path and show the world she is more than a pretty blonde adorned only in pink and making sandwiches for Ken, Mattel have released a new video showing the real reactions of everyday people to “girls imagining everything they might one day become”.

With over 12.8 million views on Youtube, we suspect the world is getting their new message.


YouTube video


Bravo Mattel!



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