Jimmy Rees’ Funny Videos Prove He’s a Real Giggle and Hoot!

Not just a purple-striped-shirt wearing guy who hangs out with an owl, or a Dancing With The Stars contender, Jimmy Rees is a hilarious dad-of-three, bringing all the laughs in and out of lockdown this year!

You’ll recognise his face as Jimmy Giggle, the guy who hangs out with his bestie owl, Hootabelle on ABC Kids series Giggle and Hoot.

Forgive me, but I never for one minute suspected this man would be THAT funny to an audience over the age of five.

I was wrong. So very wrong.

Jimmy Rees: children’s entertainer turned comedian

Turns out Jimmy Rees is HILARIOUS. And he’s been very busy sharing his funny and sarcastic talent with his Facebook and Instagram fans.

He’s got a whole social feed full of short videos worth watching, ones where Jimmy plays out multiple roles covering everything from the kids “but why?” phase to supermarket packaging and how Australia’s lockdown played out between states. PLUS all the day-to-day subjects (helicopter parents, how to teach a kid to blow their nose.. just to give you an idea). So relatable. So funny.

One thing I know for sure, Jimmy is a one-man cast at his funniest. With or without his champagne coupe and hair scarf.

Nestle in with a coffee and take a few minutes to look at a some of our favourite Jimmy Rees clips below:

The Kmart Shopper

C’mon, be honest. We are all at least ONE of these characters. And yes, the 106-piece cutlery set is always a good idea.


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The Guy Who Decides Packaging

Something I’ve NEVER thought about but is clearly THE BEST JOB EVER.


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Gigglebox – What Parents Really Think of Kids TV Shows

Prepare yourself for a belly laugh. “Each day one million Australian kids are forced to watch television to give their parents a well-earned break…” cue comments about Norman Price (Fireman Sam) sounding like a choking seagull. Sounds about right, Jimmy.


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Meanwhile In Australia…

Quick to jump on for a laugh when South Australia was plunged into a shock lock-down, this pearler delves into how the states likely would have reacted to each other, should they be able to speak.

And I have to say, it’s GOLD. New South Wales is VERY SASSY. And Tasmania… I. Can’t. Even.


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There you have it, Jimmy Rees is most definitely a man of many talents, what a real hoot he must be to live with!

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