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Museum’s Unexpected Reaction after Kids Break Glass Castle Worth 64k


Art. It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Take this stunning glass castle above – the world’s largest glass blown tower, in fact. It’s known as The Fantasy Castle and it took over 500 hours to build. The artist used 30,000 individual pieces of glass, then decorated it in 24-carat gold.

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The famous Arribas castle in all its glory. Source: CGTN

A masterpiece, really. And one that people flock from all over the world to see. Or, rather, they did.

Until two kids decided to play tiggy around it and knocked the thing over.

Yep.  A $64,000 glass castle ruined. 30,000 pieces shattered in seconds.


After witnessing your kids break a glass castle, most parents would have done exactly above, right?  After all, that’s a pretty hefty bill to front. But, in this instance, the parents and the kids got off without even a warning. And the people of the internet have A LOT to say about that.

‘Glass breaks’

According to a statement released by the Museum of Glass in Shanghai, the statue was “demolished” due to the reckless roughhousing of two children chasing each other around. One of the kids bumped into the exhibit and it shattered quicker than Elsa’s dream to live on a mountain by herself.

kids break glass castle
RIP beautiful Fantasy Castle, ruined by tomfoolery. Source: Instagram

You’d think they’d be pissed. Perhaps ask for compensation? And you’d expect the artist to ban children from ever looking at his artwork again. But nope.

According to the statement,

The little visitors knew that their behavior was inappropriate, and, under the encouragement of their parents, reported the incident to the museum staff. Their attitudes were friendly and sincere, and they agreed to help out with follow-up matters.”

And as for the artist, Miguel Arribas, he simply let out a shrug,

“Miguel is just is glad people are looking at his beautiful work,” his brother, Rudy explained. “We’re used to kids and this kind of stuff happening. Glass breaks. Nothing is done on purpose.”

Wow, and to think, I literally LOCKED MY KIDS OUT OF THE HOUSE last week for spilling a bottle of expressed breastmilk in the fridge. And I won’t even mention what went down when I discovered they ate the last of my chocolate!

Kids break glass castle. Internet reacts accordingly

It would appear plenty of people on the interwebs are just as shocked at the nonchalance of the whole thing.

Many commenters decided to take it upon themselves to judge the mother and her parenting. Because isn’t that what the internet is for?

Discipline your little demons

“Parenting is lacking these days,” one mentioned.

Another stated, “This is what can happen when you don’t discipline your children, when you don’t tell them no, and don’t make them responsible for their actions. That is the problem with society today. We can’t continue to coddle children, they need to be told NO, that the world doesn’t revolve around them and they need to be punished when they do wrong and believe me they all do wrong at times. Children need and want boundaries and parents need to provide that to them. To all the parents out there be the adult and take control of your children!”

Kids will be kids

There were lots of others out there springing to the defence of the mother and her rowdy kids.

“To all these people saying the kids were wild and uncontrollable, can you honestly say you never got the tiniest bit rambunctious and made a mistake as a kid?” one commenter asked. “Accidents happen.”

“It’s easy to blame the parents, but kids are unpredictable and rambunctious — they learn how to behave through trial and error, and it’s impossible for parents to catch everything,” another commenter pointed out.

Regardless of where you stand on the whole thing, the moral of the story is simple. Letting your kids play tiggy in a museum of glass. Probably not a good idea. Try going to one of these parks instead. 

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