The Latest Kmart Hack Every Little LEGO Lover Will Want

Calling all crafty parents of LEGO lovers! This latest Kmart hack is a must-see!

We have a DIY kids’ room project straight from the aisles of Kmart that is sure to get big smiles from your little master builder.

Behold, the ultimate LEGO side table! It’s awesome, right? And it’s so much easier to make than you may think!

Kmart lego hack

Latest Kmart hack is AWESOME

This Legotastic creation comes courtesy of clever mumma Sarah P, who designed the table for her LEGO-obsessed little boy after finding a similar model on Pinterest.

Sarah shared the photo of her latest Kmart hack on Kmart Mums Australia.  And she surprised us all when she revealed just how affordable and easy it is to make. THREE items, ladies and gents. That’s all you need. And where do you go to get these items? Kmart, of course!

lego bed

How to make your own LEGO side table

You will need:

Lego side unit hack Kmart

While Sarah used last season’s two-drawer unit, the newest product on the shelves will also do the trick.

Simply paint the drawers and the coasters with an undercoat, let dry and repaint in your colour of choice. To add the circles to the bricks, glue the painted coasters to the unit. So simple!

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DIY lego table

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Lego table hack

We are also loving this Lego-inspired bunkbed. Or how about a brick lamp to really brighten up the room?

lego bunk bed

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