The Hunky Uncle v Too-Cute Toddler Battle You Just Have to See

When your lil bro is a professional model and your toddler is really fudging cute, there’s only one thing for it.

Katina Behm, sister to model Aristotle Polites and mum to cutie-pie Augie, loves to send up her brother by recreating his pics with her gorgeous little man.

“Some of his modelling pics are hilarious,” she tells Huffington Post, “but he doesn’t take himself too seriously which is good because I get such a kick out of recreating them with Augie.”

Behm posts a new image to Insta page #babyandthebody every week and currently has over 70,000 followers.

Read on to check out some of the best.

I’m sexy and I know it

The old lying on the ground pose in undone jeans and a scarf. As you do. Look at Augie’s lil tum, though. It’s just so shmushable. No, that’s not a real word, but it’s the only word that properly describes that gorgeous belly!

Model Toddler Recreation Scarf
Image source: Instagram

Abs and dribble

Jocks and nappy. Both equally yummy and adorable in very different ways.

Model Toddler Recreation Vest
Image source: Instagram

Ah yes, the obligatory naked guitar playing

This makes me want to learn an instrument. Like, now. Check out Augie; he has this rock star biz nailed.

Model Toddler Recreation Guitar
Image source: Instagram

Tummy Time

Augie must get so fed up of his Uncle Aristotle always copying his workout routines. Sigh.

Model Toddler Recreation Tummy Time
Image source: Instagram

The yellow rose

Reminiscent of The Bachelor. Sorry Aris, but yes Augie, I will accept this rose.

Model Toddler Recreation Yellow Rose
Image source: Instagram

Super cool

Trendy sunnies? Check. Leather jacket? Check. Red jeans? Check. Unc and Neph both looking swish. Good looks clearly run in this family.

Model Toddler Recreation Leather Jacket
Image source: Instagram

Heroes at war

Captain America vs. Batman. Aristotle vs. Augie. One clear winner. Sorry, Aris. There’s just no beating those amazing neon sunnies and that perfect pout. Deadly combo.

Model Toddler Recreation Superhero Shirt
Image source: Instagram

This old thing?

The old “I just threw this random t-shirt over my shoulder and decided to stand here and smoulder.” But it looks great. Keep it up, I say.

Model Toddler Recreation Green Shirt
Image source: Instagram

Messy hair? Don’t care

Aris and Augie are both up for the role of ‘Action Man.’ Who wins? You decide. It’s Augie, though. Augie wins.

Model Toddler Recreation Bandana
Image source: Instagram

Blue Steel

Enough said.

Model Toddler Recreation Sunglasses
Image source: Instagram

It’s contagious

There’s just nothing like a scrunched up nose and a mad-laugh-face to make you smile. Especially when it’s this cute.

Aristotle Polites and his nephew Augie
Image source: Instagram

You can check out all of these pics and lots more Aristotle v Augie cuteness on the babyandthebody Instagram page.

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