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Meet The New Smart Condom: It’s a Fit Bit for Your D*ck

Well, there’s finally a smart condom. It sadly can’t prevent dodgy 3am booty calls or help avoid bad shags but it’ll give some Fit Bit style stats on your, ahem, performance.

The question is, will men really want to face the long, hard truth of their abilities in raw data? And will women want to deal with the reality their partner can reliably count how many times they ‘did actually do it’ in a 12 month period? So many questions… right?

The i.Con Smart Condom claims to be a world first and uses a nano chip technology and sensors to keep track of the speed and number of thrusts, skin temperature, session duration, positions used and calories burned while you’re getting it on. It also tracks frequency data over days, weeks, months and years. Yikes!

This is good news for those that like to brag about their sexual adventures, no doubt. Not so good for those that are inclined to lie about their luck in the sack or the extent of their prowess. Once your stats are recorded you can download them via the app and share with friends or compare them anonymously online with other users. Whatever floats your boat, right?

The device is in fact not actually a condom but a small ring that fits on the penis around the base of a regular condom. The Smart Condom is currently available exclusively in the UK but will be distributed internationally very soon. It currently retails for around $AU97.

Mum Central Slueth: It’s called the i.Con… is this the world’s most kinky con or sexy joke? We’re not 100% sure to be honest. Either way, it’s great dinner party conversation fodder or you’ll definitely have something to laugh about at girls night out this month, right?

In what’s the second piece of almost unbelievable tales Mum Central has covered this month about trends for your “downstairs” we’ve also heard the fascinating news that ‘Camel Toe is Now a Fashion Trend‘. Yes, you did read that correctly. Click on through for more.

Re the Smart Condom, here’s more on the product from World News:

And definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK, here’s some men discussing the product from 106.7 The Sports Junkies on CSN.

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