The Most Popular Christmas Traditions Revealed!

It’s officially December which means it’s 100% acceptable to talk about NOTHING but Christmas. The tree can go up (not like it’s been up for three weeks already) and the Christmas traditions can begin, including Advent Calendars and Elf on the Shelf, which I haven’t thought about in 335 days and could easily go another 335 days without thinking about him or where he has to move to tonight.

December is designed for Christmas traditions and not just the Elf and advent calendars. But which are the most popular Christmas traditions among Aussie households?

We recently asked our mums this question on Facebook and here’s what was revealed:

The Top 10 Aussie Christmas Traditions

This is a countdown, so we’re going from 10 to 1. Ready?

10. Gingerbread Decorating

Whether you make your own or use a kit, hosting a family Gingerbread decorating party is a popular activity among Aussie households. One mum shared that she posts each house on FB and gets friends and family to vote on the best each year. A little bit of competitive fun for sure!

gingerbread house, dog house, Most Popular Christmas Traditions
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9. Santa Photos

While they are pretty expensive for what you’re getting, heading to the shop to purchase the annual photo with Santa is another staple. Matching outfits, of course, plus, if you have a baby, a photo of your infant looking terrified is also pretty standard.

Christmas traditions - Santa Photos
WHY MUM. WHY?? Photo: Jenna Galley

8. Looking at Christmas Lights/Myer Christmas Window

Rounding up the troops to check out the local lights is another Christmas must. Families in Melbourne also tend to head out to see the Myer Christmas Window, which happens to be Bluey-themed this year. Super cute!

Most Popular Christmas Traditions - Bluey Myer Christmas Window
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7. A Great Christmas Bake Day

Coming in at #7 is a baking day. Some families will just whip up a batch of cookies while others spend the day making various Christmas treats.

As one mum wrote,

[We] make fudge, peppermint creams and mince pies and then bag them up and deliver them to the neighbours. Not sure how that started but the kids are now 15 and 19 and still like to do it.”

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6.  Christmas Movies

There’s no shortage of them these days but the top three still go to The Grinch, Elf and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

5. Carols by Candlelight

Carols by Candlelight events span across Australia and many families will flock down to their local park with a picnic blanket and some snacks to enjoy a night of carolling amongst hundreds of LED candles.

4. Opening one present on Christmas Eve

The tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve is another one many families hold close to their hearts. Other families commented that they open the stockings on Christmas Eve as part of their Christmas traditions.

3. Christmas Eve Boxes

Growing up we didn’t have these but now Christmas Eve boxes are a festive staple. This tradition includes giving the kids a box to open on Christmas Eve which may contain a few Christmasy things for the evening.

christmas-eve-boxes- Christmas-traditions
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Christmas PJs or socks, a small Christmas craft, a book to read before bed, a Christmas cookie or snack and a Christmas mug with hot cocoa to make. Another tradition you may be interested in is a December 1st Box which is similar but given on December 1st instead of December 24th.

December 1st Box - Christmas Hacks and Crafts
A great addition to the bottom of your tree before Santa comes. Source: Supplied

2. Leaving out food for Santa

A cookie and milk for Santa continues to be the go although some Santas prefer a beer and, a carrot for Rudolph or homemade reindeer food is popular now too.

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1. Christmas PJs

As mentioned above, Advent Calendars and the Stupid Elf are a staple in most Aussie households with eager little kiddies.

But if we take these two away, hands down the number 1 Aussie Christmas tradition is matching Christmas PJs! Because a festive matchy-matchy Christmas morning is the best type of Christmas morning!

Kmart Christmas Pjs
Source: Kmart

Mum Central’s TOP Picks for New Christmas Traditions

5. Donate!

We always go to Kmart to choose a gift each to give to the Kmart Wishing Tree. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift but it’s an important tradition and one the kids actually really enjoy.”

4. Christmas Slumber Parties

This is something we’ve just discovered this year and it’s being added to our December To-Do List. One mum mentioned she sets up a Santa Slumber Party every Christmas Eve for her children and her nieces and nephews who always sleep over so they can celebrate Christmas together. LOVE!

Christmas sleepover - popular christmas traditions
Source: Catch My Party

3. Neighbourhood Christmas Party

For the past two years we’ve hosted a neighbourhood Christmas ‘nibbles and drinks’ in our front yard. Everyone from the street brings a chair, an esky with drinks and a small platter and we catch up with Christmas music, games for the kids and plenty of laughs.” 

2. All Wrapped Up

For the last 6 years we have “wrapped” the living room door up Christmas Eve. The kids absolutely love smashing through it Christmas morning.” 

1. Sibling Gift Exchange

My husband and I each take one of our children shopping to buy a gift for their sibling.

They exchange gifts on Christmas Eve (so it doesn’t get caught up in the Christmas morning craziness). I love the thought that goes into finding something they know the other will like.”

What Christmas traditions do you do that haven’t been added to the list? Share them with us in the comments below!

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