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MIL Gifts Bride Her Used Wedding Night Lingerie


What do you normally give your soon-to-be daughter-in-law as a gift for her impending wedding? Some cash towards the day? A photobook to collect memories? A guest register? All these sensible ideas were rejected by one American mother-in-law who decided she wanted to give the bride her pre-loved wedding night lingerie.

Creepy? Yes. Cleaned? We have no idea. We really hope so.

The poor bride took to Reddit to check that she wasn’t overreacting in the exchange. Simple answer – hell no, your mother-in-law is crazy. Run. Move countries now.

It started with a bridal shower

That’s something the bride specifically said she didn’t want. She had planned a destination wedding to the Caribbean and she wanted a hens night with her girlfriends, but that was it.

The mother-in-law decided she was wrong and threw her a bridal shower anyway. Surprise!

She made the party lingerie themed, so I got 15 different nightgowns as presents. I don’t wear/have never worn nightgowns in my life, so I ended up returning all of them for bathing suits (for the wedding).

The mother-in-law also forgot to invite a few of the bride’s friends which then understandably caused tension.

The used lingerie ‘gift’

At the party, the bride says, the mother-in-law interrupted her conversations and yelled loudly. That’s annoying but manageable. Then she decided to showcase her gift…

She starts “announcing’ her present to me in a dramatic (and long) fashion. She goes on and on about how she has something she wants to give me for my wedding and it’s important to her and bla bla bla. She has a lot of family heirlooms and antiquities, so I assumed it would be some hair broach, or a garter or something.

It was a HAND-ME-DOWN NIGHTGOWN. THAT SHE WORE ON HER WEDDING NIGHT. FOR ME TO WEAR ON MY WEDDING NIGHT. She then made a “joke” about fertility and how she got pregnant “very soon” after the wedding. ISN’T THAT WEIRD?!

Yes, yes it is weird.

The bride says the worst part was watching her own mother and sister sit through a party they had wanted to organise but had agreed to the bride’s wishes NOT to throw. Both the bride’s sisters and her mother were in tears after the event. We’re not sure she’s right. The worst part is definitely getting USED undies as a gift.

She did still get married. But we’re not exactly sure how the relationship with her mother-in-law is working out.

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