With most of the nation’s women focusing their attention to Offspring on Network Ten, there is no dodging the fashion sense sported by lead character Nina Proudman. Proudman showcases bohemian chic with medical prowess, but there is one staple wardrobe item: boots.

Boots are the go-to winter item for women, but nowadays the assortment can be a little overwhelming. Flats, heels, wedge, suede, leather, fur and then you also have to decide between ankle, knee or over the knee styles. But amongst all of the variety, I have found that there are certain styles that will meet your day and evening nee ds all through winter.


Ankle boots with a heel are one of my winter picks. I particularly like the styles that sit perfectly under cropped jeans. One tip to keep in mind, is how they sit around your ankle. I prefer the tighter fitting ankle boots as they can accentuate your legs and make them appear longer, which is great for shorter ladies. I like the Astrix from Spendless Shoes in a suede finish and the Lincoln which sports a chunkier heel. They look great when teamed with boyfriend jeans and also gives that rocker look which I am a big fan of.

My other favourite is a knee high boot with a flat or small wedged heel. I particularly like this style in tan or dark grey as they can be worn over the top of jeans or to break up stockings with dresses. Tan boots with denim jeans coupled with a cream oversized jumper or cardigan can look dressy without compromising on comfort. My pick for this style of shoe is the Estate boot from Spendless Shoes which retails at $59.95.


If you are looking for something that gives you that dose of winter “combat”, look at the military style of boots out there. I like the style that resemble Dr Martens but aren’t as chunky. I love that these boots are wide enough to sport thick socks and look great with a bomber leather jacket. The Angry Boot from Spendless Shoes is one style that can help you achieve this look.

So when you take to the shops to look for winter boots. Consider your wardrobe and what you enjoy wearing from day to night to help narrow down your selection. Because with so much choice out there, it wouldn’t be that hard to find a boot for every day of winter.

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From working as a car detailer in the Australian outback to a Botox clinic in London, Kirsty Bennett has tried out almost every career under the sun. But it's her love of communicating and creating that has landed her in the fashion industry. She has worked in Australia and overseas, and pursues a life full of laughs, creativity, travel, photography and - very recently - yoga.

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