Mum Becomes Maleficent to Breastfeed and it’s Awesome as Hell

“Even villains will do anything for their little ones.”

This is the message that Venezuelan photographer and mum, Yaky Di Roma wants the world to know. And what better way to get her message across than with a Disney-inspired photo shoot?

We all love a good fairy tale photo series, especially when it involves squishy newborn babies dressed as princesses.

But Yaky steps outside the glittery gowns and into the shoes of one of Disney’s most infamous villains – Maleficent.

Donning the sheer body suit, black horns and dark makeup, Yaky looks every bit the part of the mystical-fairy-turned-evil-witch. However, the harshness of the costume and the background is counteracted by the softness of the act of breastfeeding.

Beauty and the Breast

In the image, Yaky’s three-year-old son sits on his mother’s knee, gently touching his mother’s chest as he looks into the distance. As Yaky explains, her son has autism, has a hard time with transition and has always found comfort in breastfeeding.

Sure, breastfeeding beyond the ‘normal’ age may be looked down on by some. But, as Yaky’s photo so cleverly explains, often there is more than what meets the eye – even the toughest villains will do whatever it takes to comfort and protect their children.

Being a parent in today’s society is pretty harsh. Some people will judge. Others will shame. And some will make mums feel like they really are villains in a modern day fairy tale, especially when it comes to how we raise our kids.

But deep down, we are all doing what we think is best for our babies. We are all doing whatever we can to protect our children. And we all are more than ready to cast a spell on anyone who tries to do them harm.

If that makes us villains, then bring on the black latex bodysuit.

Oh, and don’t forget the horns.

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