It’s the Must-Have Device To Keep Your Kids Safe and Control What They See Online

We all want to keep our kids safe, especially from the dangers that lurk behind the keyboards and computer screens. 

But is there an easy way to protect, restrict and eliminate the risk associated with screen time? There sure is!

Welcome to Family Zone, the must-have device in today’s digitally driven world.

Cyber safety can be complicated, but protecting your family is simple. You want peace of mind when the kids are online, no matter what device they are using and no matter where they are using it, and that’s how we’ve Family Zone has been designed. Remove adult content, restrict social media and manage screen time on every device, everywhere.



Whether you have a little one who loves watching other children play with toys on YouTube, a school aged child who is just discovering the dangers that lurk behind apps like and Livel.y or a tween or teen who has entered the realm of social media with Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Yellow (AKA the Tinder for Teens), you can keep them safe without restricting screen time completely.

After all, the land of the Internet is actually quite useful, entertaining and informative, with the right boundaries in place.


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Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Sandra H

    I would love to win the subscription as my daughter watches a lot of youtube and is very confident searching on the web so I am worried about her seeing something that she shouldn’t ot someone winning her trust

    • Avatar of Paula

      At lunchtime walk around the fresh food pavillion and try all of the delicious food samples.

  2. Avatar of Lisa Serraino
    Lisa SerrainoReply

    I would love to win the subscription as my daughter has started using our laptop for school projects and always get worried when she googles things.

  3. Avatar of Natalie c

    My son loves he’s YouTube. He loves watching the kids things that just play with their toys and also paw patrol. He could be on it for hours when there wifi involved. He can’t watch it at home because we don’t have the internet and he doesn’t have data on his tablet.
    It’s always a fight to get him off it and a struggle for him to eat his dinner lol

  4. Avatar of Dylan

    I’d love to win the subscription for my kids as they use the computer to do their homework and school projects and i do worry that they may come across something they shouldn’t see. This subscription would be just as good as having me sit with them, supervising their online time.

  5. Avatar of Bessie

    Having 3 girls, tweens and a teen I desperately need some help in monitoring their internet safety and that would put my mind at ease.

  6. Avatar of Amanda S

    I caught my son getting up in the night to go on you tube while I was asleep. The computer is currently removed! It would be a relief to be able to limit what he has access to.

  7. Avatar of Debbie O'Donnell
    Debbie O'DonnellReply

    It’s important to monitor who your kids are talking too and limit access so your kids grow up healthy and happy individuals.

  8. Avatar of Angela A.

    With kids just entering school age who already know how to search the app store for games, I can only imagine the trouble they could easily get into. Protection now will go a long way towards a safer online experience for us all.

  9. Avatar of jen

    With technology advancing in leaps and bounds, i cant keep up ! .A Family Zone subscription could provide the peace of mind needed when the kids are learning & exploring online

  10. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica AshbrookeReply

    My kids very young but very tech savvy I need to protect them from the nasties in this world

  11. Avatar of Natalie Lonsdale
    Natalie LonsdaleReply

    I have 6 kids aged 6-12. They all have access to devices now, and my mum capabilities can unfortunately only stretch so far for protection. My budget cannot allow for this subscription; so to win this would be so beneficial. I hate not having control over what they watch. It scares me to think who is watching them.

  12. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching ChangReply

    Time is moving fast with technology. As a mum with two autistic, I love my kids to spend time on internet because they do feel happy and discovering new things everyday. But many information are very concerned and safety issues need to be protected by brilliant technology. This is a great prize for everyone. A Family Zone Cybe Supscription has perfect cybe safety solutions to keep my family away dangerous.

  13. Avatar of Cassie W

    Although only 40 I’m early to sleep
    My teens are tech savvy and late hours keep.
    Family zone will help me sleep well
    Protecting the kids with my concerns quelled.

  14. Avatar of margie sincoe
    margie sincoeReply

    To have the ease of mind knowing my grandchild is safe from the predators searching for vulnerable and innocent children would give me great comfort.

  15. Avatar of Jeri Bee

    I was just listening to the Radio about this, on the way to school this morning, and thought WOW.. I need to look into this. Being 8 and 10, both with their own ipads, (youtube, email and netflix) and now requesting time on the home computer, to play games and go on different websites that they heard about from their friends, the pressure is on. This would be an amazing prize to win, and which would help a not so ‘tech-savy’ parent get her bum into gear and start keeping control on what they are accessing. Crossing fingers.

  16. Avatar of TanyaC

    Family Zone is my eyes and ears because I can’t be everywhere at once and (unlike my mother) I don’t have eyes in the back of my head.

  17. Avatar of Tamara Pincott
    Tamara PincottReply

    I think this product is a fantastic idea! With two kids already enjoying the Internet I have started to wonder how I can protect their safety.

  18. Avatar of Luize Svikers
    Luize SvikersReply

    My two children use the computer vety often. They jeed to.undetstand about their privacy and how to safeky use computets and the internet. This priduct is a terrific idea!

  19. Avatar of Nicole Anderson
    Nicole AndersonReply

    I’d love to win this ass we have 6 children who are constantly on devices that connect to the internet and it is impossible to supervise all of them at the same time (especially teens in the middle of the night while i’m sleeping!)

  20. Avatar of Charisse C

    I’d love to win this subscription,
    I really love its description,
    Our son is getting his first phone,
    It’s like giving a dog a bone,
    He’s so excited,
    I’m so scared,
    But to win this prize I’ll be happy to share.

  21. Avatar of Tate

    I trust my child, but she doesn’t have the maturity to detect the dangers online. Family Zone would help protect as much as possible, but it’s also about educating your child also about internet safety

  22. Avatar of Millicent Stewart
    Millicent StewartReply

    My 7 year old uses the iPad frequently and it is hard to always keep an eye on him. I would be devastated if he viewed something that scared him or somebody he didn’t know started contacting him. It would definitely give some peace of mind

  23. Avatar of Alex

    The younger one frequently browses youtube on his Ipad and has occasionally come across some rather crude content such as that which involves crude language that he then uses himself!

  24. Avatar of Sharon Mcnair
    Sharon McnairReply

    My two oldest girls are on their phones and ipods chatting to their friends everyday and it concerns me on who they could be talking too and it would be great to know they are safe and not talking to strangers even though I trust them

  25. Avatar of Michelle

    Leaving your child with unmonitored internet access is like leaving them alone in a busy street. They can be preyed upon in an instant and they don’t even see it coming. I keep my kids within reaching distance outside the home and this is a great way of doing that in cyberspace.

  26. Avatar of Mel

    My 2 year old son knows how to search for videos so I’m very concerned about what he’s exposed to when I’m not looking!

  27. Avatar of Stef

    Family Zone is important to my family because the kids are always on Youtube so I would love to monitor their usage whenever they are using technology.

  28. Avatar of Chrissie Dattilo
    Chrissie DattiloReply

    My daughter uses her galaxy every day! She uses it for games, homework and she now takes it to school everyday, so if she had this on her galaxy i would feel so much better knowing everything was safe and secure!

  29. Avatar of Dawn Taylor
    Dawn TaylorReply

    I would like my children to have all the help available to keep my grandchildren safe. I’m so thankful I didn’t have to worry about the dangers of the Internet when my children were growing up. Evil people seem to be able to keep one step in front of the measures created to keep our precious little ones safe.

  30. Avatar of Tammy Zervougeorgis
    Tammy ZervougeorgisReply

    In this day and age where you dont know what aps may be harmful for children it would be great peace of mind to have this. When our daughter is using her tablet this would be awesome we can see exactly what she is going into.

  31. Avatar of Kathy Clark
    Kathy ClarkReply

    Would be terrific for my daughters new beaus kids and my granddaughter as they are so young and dont think water is dangerous

  32. Avatar of Sara

    I have three boys and this would be a bonus to have to help me monitor their internet safety and put my mind at ease

  33. Avatar of Melanie O

    Miss 7 just starting to explore online, this be a big help to keep her safe

  34. Avatar of Dakota

    My little sisters r on the ipad everyday this would be good so that they r not on anything they shouldn’t be on

  35. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnaneReply

    The kids cant be watched all the time, I know when I google something other sites pop up which I didn’t mean to access, I don’t want this happening to the kids, it may look good or interesting and they go looking for it. Help is greatly appreciated when bringing up the kids to keep them safe.

  36. Avatar of Julie

    To protect my kids from accidentally stumbling across content they shouldn’t be seeing.

  37. Avatar of kerrie smith
    kerrie smithReply

    Having a 12 year old starting secondary school and having his own phone it is hard to keep track of what he is doing on his phone with his friends. Unfortunately the school allows the kids to use their phones at lunch time when I would rather they be playing outside. There are so many websites that look so innocent to him that are actually a trap amongst younger children. It would be good to limit the time each day on some of these games that he loves playing as well.

  38. Avatar of Eamond Tomaszewski
    Eamond TomaszewskiReply

    Our 2 Boys are constantly being told that is not appropriate and Censorship is so hard as parent this would be a great education for all of us

  39. Avatar of Kate M

    Desperate times call for desperate measures: all 4 of my children, ranging from 9-15 are addicted to their screens. Help!!

  40. Avatar of Mel VDK

    My eldest is in grade 4 and his tech abilities are already better than mine! I need a way to keep him safe.

  41. Avatar of ang t

    my daughter starts high school next year im very worried about what she can see what she writes about keep her safe

  42. Avatar of Kyles

    Peace of mind with 2 young YouTubers in the house…. starting the internet exploring and already have young friends on social media…

  43. Avatar of Laurie

    Its such a busy world, its hard for a busy mum to keep on top of everything, any help we can get to keep our kids safe is amazing

  44. Avatar of Kirsten

    With 3 kids ranging in age from 6-13, and at various times on different devices doing homework and play its really hard to provide adequate supervision, a family zone subscription would ease my load and my mind!

  45. Avatar of Meghan

    Having two daughters, one coming into teen years – having a way to keep them safe online is so important. There is always something new coming up that having a way to keep track would be amazing.

  46. Avatar of Allmaree

    This sounds like a very good tool for parents setting up and then left to not have to worry or nag – thanks family zone

  47. Avatar of kim

    I’m not very tech savvy so any tool that can assist keeping my little ones safe when they’re on line is a godsend

  48. Avatar of Renee

    It is the perfect solution as you want your kids to thrive but safety can hold you back from letting them at times

  49. Avatar of Caroline Kelly
    Caroline KellyReply

    Regardless of any guidance and education surrounding, “Stranger Danger,” internet safety and security is an ever increasing concern.

  50. Avatar of tracy wedding
    tracy weddingReply

    my grandkids love their ipads but I need to know they are safe online as there are so many ways for criminals to get them into some sort of trouble It would be peace of mind for me

  51. Avatar of Michelle fay
    Michelle fayReply

    I’ve already caught my grandsons looking at the wrong things and chatting to strangers and tried different software, I hope if we win it will be more effective

  52. Avatar of Az Ahmed

    It’s a rapidly changing world with an amazing connectivity of people, places & things. As a technology-phile, I would love my microwave talking to my fridge and doing an online order. However as a parent of young kids, I am cautious about the malicious content and people that may come in contact with my young ones. And having this additional sentinel software provides some peace of mind!

  53. Avatar of WilliamR

    It caused major havok in my house, when a check of my partners history on her phone after our 10 year old daughter had it, found the search “Taylor Swift Naked” I found later that it was the name of her new single, released just the day before, but that was to late, her mother’s fuse had already blown. Family Zone would allow us to have better control of her surfing.

  54. Avatar of Stacey

    My son recently had an app that I thought was safe. An adult tried to contact him & luckily I intervened before he saw it, and I deleted it. It worries me that I thought the App was safe for him so Family Zone would be perfect for us!

  55. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie WeeReply

    I want to make sure my children are protected and happy using the internet whenever they want.

  56. Avatar of sarah fairley
    sarah fairleyReply

    As I am not brilliant with technology, any external help and advice is appreciated

  57. Avatar of Ian C

    With all the spam and malicious attacks, I want my kids eyes to see what I want them to see, not the world.

  58. Avatar of Maree Wood

    With a teenage daughter at home, internet safety is an important issue for us..

  59. Avatar of Nichy

    I have 3 children and find it would be safe to know what your children are doing at all times on the internet.

  60. Avatar of Matt

    With my little boy discovering the art of using computers and the internet, it would be a safe option to keep him protected from all the bad stuff out there.

  61. Avatar of Jenny Rendon
    Jenny RendonReply

    This would be a must have, with so many predators out there on the web and more, I would feel safer knowing my two daughters are safe while using their devices and home computer, so the nasties don’t invade their privacy because you can’t always be there looking over their shoulders. One daughter is a teenager and the other will be going to high school next year, very vulnerable ages, this is what I have been looking for.

  62. Avatar of Katharine w
    Katharine wReply

    As a single mum who is working fulltime and who has an autistic son who needs lots of therapy unfortunately my children have more screen time than I would like purely so I can still kind of remain on top of things around the house and it is a constant source of guilt for me. this would make me feel much safer and happier knowing they were that bit more protected

  63. Avatar of Kasey E

    No matter how many times you tell your kids about stranger danger even on computers they still can be prone to predators, this Family Zone device would allow parents piece of mind that their children are safe when ever they surf the net.

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