Mum Shares a Genius Hot Tip for Dealing With Clutter

Sometimes, you just have to chuck it in the fucket bucket.

Now you can, thanks to this mum’s clever way to keep her house clutter-free and teach her kids to clean up after themselves.

Because, if they don’t clean up their crap, it goes in the fucket bucket. End of story.

The refreshingly hilarious idea comes courtesy of Mishmash Moments – Jessica McGinty, who shared her ingenious bucket solution on Facebook.

The bucket every busy mum needs

The way the fucket bucket works is pretty simple.

Every child gets a different coloured bucket. If the kids leave their toys laying around during the day, it goes in the bucket. If it’s still there by bedtime, it goes to the bin.

Because, as Jessica so eloquently puts it, “Fucket if I’m cleaning it up.”


Jessica McGinty, inventor of the fucket bucket
Jessica McGinty, mum-of-three and inventor of the fucket bucket

Buckets of love for the Fucket Bucket

As expected, Jessica’s fucket bucket has gone a bit nutty on social media. It’s been shared over 27,000 times with 25,000 comments in just a few short days. Turns out, a lot of us are tired of constantly picking up our kids’ shit.

Glad it’s not just me.

Heaps of parents brought their sense of humour to the post and were happy to share a laugh. Of course, heaps of trolls also came out to suggest the fucket buckets are cruel and setting a poor example for our kids. Because it wouldn’t be a funny viral post without at least 50 Susans ruining it. #goawaySusans

Whatever the case, we reckon the fucket buckets are awesome. I’m setting mine up today. And I’m adding one for my partner too. Because, this mumma is over picking up toys. And stubby coolers.

Looking for more tips and tricks to keep the house neat and tidy when you have kids? Check out how to clean your house in ten minutes flat. Oh, and these organisational tips might also be useful. But we’re sticking to the fucket bucket. Best. Idea. Ever.

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