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Nasty Letter Given to Grandparents after Babysitting Grandchildren


Fact: kids are loud. They have a tendency to bang things and jump up and down and demand snacks in their outside voices.

And they don’t always tone it down a notch when they aren’t at home. 

Case in point: a pair of boisterous grand kiddies from Sydney who were super excited to spend the day at their grandparents’ house. Granny and Grandpa live in a townhouse complex in Ashfield and there isn’t a lot of space to run and play.

It’s also densely populated with neighbours and, apparently, one of the neighbours WAS NOT HAPPY about the extra visitors. 

‘Our day of rest’ 

The father of the children shared a letter his in-laws received from their neighbour after babysitting their grandchildren on a Sunday. The man explains that this was a “once-off” occasion as he and his wife went on a “much-needed date night”.

We’re not sure if the kids slept over or if it was just a day-date type of thing. Whatever the case, the neighbours weren’t pleased about the whole ‘babysitting grandchildren’ situation and to have their Sunday ruined by noise.

Here is the full letter: 

nasty neighbour letter after babysitting grandchildren
Source: Reddit

Neighbour’s note justified

Now, of course, Reddit users came to the party armed with opinions. A lot of people sided with the neighbour on this one, explaining that kids and apartments don’t always mix. However, it appears this was actually a townhouse, but I digress… 

“Children + apartments + wooden floors is easily the most horrible combination when you’re a neighbour,” one person wrote.

“Whilst I understand the parenting isn’t easy, they’re just kids, kids make noise issue, god I can’t stand people letting their kids run amok in apartments!”

“I’ve been there – listening to the kid in the apartment beneath me run back and forth while screaming for hours,” another comment read. “Frankly, I don’t care if it was ‘just one night’ – still too much.”

No need to be nasty

On the other side of the fence, we have the sympathisers who thought the letter was a bit harsh especially as it had only happened one time.

“I’d expect this kind of letter after repetitive noise disturbances, not just a one-off.”

“Kids screaming does suck but this seems extreme if it was a one-off and the kids aren’t actually living there,” shared another.

“Hand them a brochure for noise-canceling headphones,” another said.

“Kids playing… with toys… during the day… on a weekend. This is unacceptable!” another said.

School award sparks debate 

This isn’t the first time a written note has caused some serious waves. We recently shared another letter story that divided the internet. This occurred in an American high school where a young boy received an award in math called “the Zero Award”. 

zero school award

From the sound of it, it seemed like the award was quite degrading, suggesting the year 8 student is worthless, a zero and shouldn’t even bother trying. 

The boy’s mum was appalled a teacher would make such a negative award and shared her disgust with the news outlets. 

However, one commenter pointed out that it could actually be a very clever maths joke. The calculator icon also hints at this. 

As one commenter explains,

I think what she was trying to imply is that “zero equals zero. It has no solution” Therefore, “This student is a one of a kind and no one can measure up to him”.”


Rooftop birth booking 

Here’s another letter that really got people talking! This one was handed out to apartment dwellers by one of the ladies living in the complex. 

She was planning to give birth soon and wanted to “book” the common “rooftop” area for her birth. This space is normally reserved for birthday parties, BBQs, that sort of thing. 

Check out her letter below. 

rooftop birth

As expected, the apartment dwellers were not happy. 

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