Nursery Decor: The Top Baby Nursery Themes This Year


Sunshine, rainbows, stars and sky. These are some of the things people are populating their babies’ rooms with. Rated People recently shared their Nursery Trends Report for 2021 and it appears nursery decor is taking a natural turn.

Check out the top nursery decor trends this year – we’d love to know if you went with one of these themes!

woodland nursery decor
Source: Pinterest

To uncover the biggest trends, the research team at Rated People calculated the total number of Pinterest boards for over 150 different nursery styles and combined this with the number of Google searches made in 2021 for each trend.

They looked at various themes – fictional characters, colours, fairy tales, animals, transport and sports, to name a few.

2021’s Top 10 Most Popular Nursery Decor Trends

1. To the stars (and back)

stars nursery decor themes
Source: Pinterest

Shining bright in first place, it’s star-themed nurseries, with nearly 1,000 Pinterest boards dedicated to the trend and a whopping 267,273 Google searches made so far this year.

Stars are pretty easy to find both in stores and online. Plenty of retailers sell star mobiles, canvas prints and wall decals, pillows and quilt covers, even star-shaped rugs. Plus it’s a gender-neutral theme too! A definite winner!

2. Sky high

Sky theme nursery
Source: Pinterest

Close behind is another celestial theme – the Sky, with pastel blues and fluffy clouds. There were over 400 Pinterest boards and almost 100,000 searches for inspiration made on Google.

3. Woodland wonders and forest fun

woodland nursery decor
Source: Pinterest

In third place, with more than twice as many Pinterest boards but fewer Google searches, it’s woodland nurseries. Forest-themed nurseries also ranked quite high.

Sure, jungle and farm animals have always been popular but this new animal theme allows us to get creative with some of the cute critters we often didn’t think to use in these adorable woodland animals in our nurseries – foxes, bears and deer, for example.

And there is no shortage of woodland-themed baby products too!

4. Winnie the Pooh (and Tigger too) 

winnie the pooh nursery
Source: Pinterest/Walmart

In fourth, it’s the first fictional character in the top 20, and an old classic, Winnie The Pooh. I actually used this for my son’s nursery theme 12 years ago.

You can pick up Winnie the Pooh decor from Big W as well as several online shops. We reckon this classic nursery decor theme will NEVER go out of style.

5. Moana magic

mum central
Source: Etsy

Next, we have the amazing Moana who is by far one of the coolest Disney princesses to hit our screens. Moana nursery themes mean you can go bright, bold and tropical –  a great combination for your little water baby.

6. Rainbow bright 

rainbow bedroom
Source: Lauren Priddle

Rainbows. So hot right now! Especially for baby nursery decor. There are plenty of rainbow-themed baby products to decorate with too – bunting, pillows, toys – we love the idea of painting a rainbow-themed feature wall too!

Check out this mum's amazing rainbow-themed room for her little girl.

7. All things green

mum central
Source: Bigstock

In terms of the most popular colour, green is the crowning champ of 2021. And it makes sense with so many popular themes complementing green – forests, jungle, etc. Green is also very gender-neutral and a soothing choice too.

8. Sunny skies

mum central
Source: Pinterest

Think yellow and orange for sunshine-themed nursery decor – another popular choice for 2021 nursery trends. Parents are flocking towards sunny rooms because they are bright, fun and energetic. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sleep in a room filled with sunshine???

9. Hats off to Harry

mum central
Source: Pinterest/TODAY

It’s been 20+ years since Harry Potter first made his great debut but Harry Potter-themed nurseries continue to score big on Google and Pinterest. This is definitely one of the darker trends out there but we still love it!

10. Elephant 

mum central
Source: Pinterest

Finally, we see the rise of the humble elephant who makes a sweet addition to any nursery. The elephant is the top animal-themed nursery this year, beating out past faves like the owl, llama and flamingo.

One of the reasons elephants may be so popular this year is because they provide a gender-neutral landscape and complement modern tones like grey and yellow.

Additional nursery decor trends to consider

In addition to the above themes, there are several more that ranked incredible well with parents-to-be. These include:

mum central
Source: Pinterest
  • Animal-themed such as jungle, elephants and dinosaurs
  • Fictional characters such as Star Wars and Peter Rabbit
  • Colours including black, neutral and pink
  • Transport such as hot air balloons and cars
nursery decor - dinosaurs
Source: Bilbi at Baby Bunting

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