Pop open the Glen 20 ladies and gents cause two parents have actually decided to call their kid Sanitiser in honour of coronavirus, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

According to the Deccan Herald, a couple in India decided this was a nice, clean name for their new bundle of joy.

“Whenever people will talk of Corona, they will remember that it was sanitiser that saved them,” father, Omvir Singh told the Deccan Herald.

“Everyone is fighting against this virus…from our prime minister to ordinary people…this is our contribution.”

The Covid baby boom

Of course, this isn’t the first coronavirus baby name to hit the streets. An Indian family recently named their twins Corona (girl) and Covid (boy) while another family opted for Kovyd.

A baby born in India was also gifted with the name Lockdown while another little girl in the Phillippines was named Coviduvidapdap.

Baby Sanitiser, meet Baby Pandemic

And we’re sure this isn’t the end. Or no. Check out a few other COVID baby name gems we’re betting make an appearance in the next nine months or so.

QuarantineOr any variation such as Quarantina, Kwarantine or Coran-Teen.







The world is crazy right now. We get it. But, mums-to-be, let’s not lose our minds when it comes to baby names. After all, with a little luck and A LOT of social distancing, the coronavirus pandemic will end by 2021

But a bad coronavirus baby name? That shit sticks forever.

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