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ROUND UP: 11 of Our Best Ever Dessert Recipes

Put your best dessert platter forward with this mouthwatering line up of sweet treats!

No gathering is complete without dessert, am I right? If you’re in charge of providing dessert, here are 11 brilliantly delicious options for you to consider. Perhaps start at the top and work your way through to the bottom. Calories don’t count at Christmas, after all.

Apron strings tied? Here are 11 of our best ever dessert recipes!

1. Cheats Meringue Wreath

This no-bake meringue wreath is the ultimate meringue hack for those who love pavlova but have no time to bake one. Simply shop the ingredients and assemble. Voila!

Christmas wreath dessert
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2. No-Bake Baileys and Berries Chocolate Ripple Cake

A delicious Baileys Irish Cream infused version of a classic dessert, this Baileys and berries chocolate ripple cake has to be seen to be believed. It looks – and tastes – mighty impressive for a budget-friendly dessert.

dessert recipes
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3. Pavlova Board

The easiest dessert is one that you don’t have to make, right? A pavlova board is a solution. Pile your pavlova or meringue bases on a board, add a selection of toppings, a bowl of whipped cream and let your guests dive on in. Dessert is served!

pavlova board
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4. Cookie Dough Dip

An out of the box dessert, this cheesecake-like cookie dough dip dessert is perfect for sharing.

dessert recipes
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5. Lattice Slice

An oldie and a goodie, Lattice slice will bring back ALL the childhood memories!

no bake lattice cheesecake recipe
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6. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

If you’re in charge of dessert for the kids’ table or a kids’ party, you won’t want to look past ice cream cone cupcakes. So much fun!

dessert recipes
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7. Caramello Koala Rolls

Let’s not forget the time we sandwiched Caramello Koala rolls in the Kmart Sausage Roll machine with epic oozing results. You’ll do it time and time again!

Caramello Koala rolls
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8. Air Fryer Ice Cream Ball

If you don’t mind having a crack at defying science, try this air fryer ice cream ball on for size. It’s hot yet cold, crunchy yet soft. MIND BLOWN!

mum central
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9. Caramilk Churros

Caramilk lovers, listen up! This one is for you! We made churros with a decadent and divine Caramilk dipping sauce. Heaven on a soft, cinnamon sugar-coated stick it was.

dessert recipes
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10. Toblerone Cheesecake Dessert

If it’s a classic cheesecake you want, it’s a classic cheesecake you’ll get. Toblerone cheesecake is rich and it feeds a whole lot of people. A great option if you’re entertaining a crowd!

toblerone cheesecake
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11. Cherry Ripe Slice

If it’s just a little sweet something you want to bring to the table, choose this giant Cherry Ripe inspired slice. With just the right amount of sweetness from a brownie base and chocolate top, it hits that sweet spot just right. #nomnomnom

dessert recipes
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There you have it, more dessert recipes than you can poke a dessert fork at. What’s your favourite dessert to make? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear!

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