Here’s the Most Adorable Pony Party for Zoe’s Sweet 4th Birthday!


For Zoe, a mad keen My Little Pony fan, it was only natural she was going to have a pony party to celebrate her fourth birthday. And boy, did the party pony bolt from the stable on this brilliant pony themed birthday party!

Zoe’s Mum Lee enlisted the help of event stylist Belinda from Styled By Belle to help bring their beautiful vision to life and watch the magic unfold – complete with carousel. Yes a carousel, what a birthday girl’s dream!

A pony party – a pastel delight!

The idea of a whimsy carousel party complete with pastel ponies was born and as for the rest, well, it goes down in epic party history. Just take a look at these stunning pictures to see what I mean.

pony party
A carousel dessert table. YESSSSS MATE. Source: Lee Bird Photography

Belinda worked with some of Melbourne’s best dessert makers and created the most amazing out-of-this-world dessert table.

Lee says “Belinda custom created the display to be a 360 degree round table with custom-built canopy, made to look like a carousel. Guests could walk all around the carousel and see the most divine pony inspired desserts. It was breathtaking!”

pony party
Cupcakes, cake pops and rainbow shard topped dessert cups, oh my! Source: Lee Bird Photography

Party guests snacked on a stable inspired lunch of fresh apples, carrot sticks, dry noodle haystacks, pony shaped fairy bread and gorgeous desserts.SO. MUCH. FUN.

pony party
I’ll have one of everything thanks Zoe! Source: Lee Bird Photography

And just take a look at the cake, WOAH!

pony party
Cake for days! Pastel tiers and gold accents, oh my pony loving heart! Source: Lee Bird Photography

No details were spared. From the pony printed bamboo cutlery to the pint-sized tables and chairs with spring decorations worthy of any five-star race-day – every aspect is utterly divine and so, so special.

Take a seat! Source: Lee Bird Photography

pony party
Every detail is perfect in every way. Source: Lee Bird Photography

What’s a party without games? The kids had an absolute ball with stick pony racing, playing pin the tail on the pony, paint a plaster pony, a pony grooming station where kids could put rainbow hair extensions in their manes, face painting and the coolest pony tattoos. Zoe and her friends were thrilled, what a magical day for a newly minted 4-year-old!

pony party
Hair extensions and pin the curly and very pretty tail on the pony. Day made! Source: Lee Bird Photography

To finish off a sensational birthday party, guests were treated to a sweet pony themed party favour – a lolly bag and a toy pony to take home.

pony party
Thanks for coming, now giddy up! Source: Lee Bird Photography

See something you love? Zoe’s mum (and photographer of this epic party) Lee has listed some of the sources below, be sure to check there for details!:

pony party
Just one last look at this magnificence… sigh. So beautiful. Source: Lee Bird Photography

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