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Postpartum Recovery Kits: What Every New Mum Needs to Recover From Birth

A shower. A cuddle. A gooey cheeseburger. A trophy. Yes. These are all things postpartum mums really need after giving birth. But, instead, we get a half-broken vagina, a swollen uterus, a weird tummy pouch and an infant who now needs us 24/7.

While having your newborn in your arms is about as amazing as it gets, having to learn how to be a new mum while recovering from labour, well, it’s not exactly easy.

Postpartum Recovery with Kin
Postpartum recovery isn’t as easy as we think. Source: Kin Fertility

This is why postpartum recovery kits have become so popular with new mums and are quickly becoming the MUST-HAVE after-birth essential, regardless of how you delivered your little one. I mean, a cheeseburger is still on the must-have list, but if we had to pick, we’d go with a postpartum recovery kit.

In fact, Kin’s Postpartum Recovery Kits sold out during their first two shipments, but they have now restocked their hugely popular product and are currently offering a 10% discount on it too. Simply use the code MUMCENTRAL10 at the checkout and save.

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But first, what exactly are postpartum recovery kits? 

Kin’s postpartum recovery kit is a simple 4-step recovery regimen to help you heal after birth. It’s designed to tackle all pain points and help you feel a little less like a walking punching bag after birth.

Each kit comes with four essential products – postpartum underwear, padsicles, a peri bottle and healing foam – we’ll get to what these things are in a moment.

postpartum recovery kits by Kin
A postpartum recovery kit will be one of the most welcoming things any new mum will get. Source: Kin Fertility

You see, for a postpartum mum, this little kit is the equivalent of your child getting a puppy for Christmas. Okay, maybe not quite, but it will help their lady bits feel less like a fiery pit of hell, and who doesn’t want that?

Why are they so popular?

Put simply, because they help heal you. They offer new mums a way to feel better after birth and this is so important, not only for physical health but mental health too. If you’re feeling like a bruised potato, it’s hard to truly enjoy those precious newborn moments.

After birth, we’re so wrapped up in caring for our babies that it’s pretty standard to just forget about ourselves. Showering is hard. Eating a meal that involves two hands is hard. Even finding the time to sit down and pee is hard.

Kin’s Postpartum Recovery Kits make recovery just that little bit easier and are packed with products that will assist in the postpartum process.

Like postpartum bleeding, for example. No matter how you give birth, you’re going to bleed afterwards, usually for around 6 weeks. This means you’re going to return to the land of pads after spending nine blissful months without needing them.

postpartum recovery kits
Source: Kin Fertility

Postpartum care must-haves: What’s in a postpartum recovery kit?

Let’s go through the products, shall we?

First, you’ve got Kin’s Mesh Undies, which are special postpartum underwear designed to keep maternity pads in place but without putting any pressure on your tummy.

Kin Postpartum Underwear - Postpartum Recovery Kits
Bring on the mesh! Source: Kin Fertility

Super soft, stretchy, high-waisted, and extra comfortable, mesh undies are a must for your hospital bag, especially during the first few days postpartum when the postpartum bleeding is pretty intense.

Mesh undies are designed to hold maternity pads in place but Kin’s Mesh Underwear is also perfect for their Padsicles – which are basically iced pads designed to not only help with postpartum bleeding but also give your netherregions a bit of cool relief.

Kin Fertility Padsicles
Sweet sweet relief! Source: Kin Fertility

Simply tear the packaging, crack the “Padsicles” and put them inside your mesh underwear.

Every postpartum recovery kit also features the innovative Peri Bottle, which is designed to give your bruised and battered bits a much-needed spritz of healing magic.

Kin Peri Bottle - Postpartum recovery
No wiping necessary …. ahhh the relief. Source: Kin Fertility

9 out of 10 women will experience some sort of tear down there and, while it will heal, it’s not a pleasant process. Basically,  you fill up your peri bottle with warm water and Healing Foam (we’ll get to this in a sec) and give your vagina area a spray. It’s an ideal alternative to wiping which can be incredibly painful and also gently cleans the perineum to prevent infection and speed up recovery, without any painful pressure.

The upside-down nozzle means you can avoid the icky hand-in-toilet situation and it even comes with a waterproof bag so you can take your peri bottle out and about.

Postpartum care - healing foam - Kin Fertility
Witch hazel, yes please! Source: Kin Fertility

Now onto the Healing Foam, which is another game-changer for postpartum care. The foam can be added to the peri bottle or placed directly onto a pad or on your sore spots. You know how marathoners will bathe in ice after a big run. Well, the healing foam is kind of like that, but for your vagina. And without the intense coldness.

The secret to the Healing Foam is witch hazel, which prevents infections, reduces swelling and relieves discomfort from perineal tears, itchy stitches and even haemorrhoids.

A better way to heal 

So many new mums focus on preparing for birth. But preparing for after-birth is seriously so important.

The goal of Kin’s Postpartum recovery kits is to help new mums navigate the postpartum period with confidence, dignity, and comfort. And this is exactly what they do. It’s no wonder so many new mums depend on a postpartum recovery kit and why they continue to sell out so quickly.

Every kit also comes with free express delivery to your door plus don’t forget to SAVE 10% OFF using MUMCENTRAL10

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Be sure to check out Kin’s postpartum vitamins as well – they are specifically designed to fuel new mums with the nutrients that pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding take out of us. You can read all about them here. 

This is a sponsored post for Kin Fertility.

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