8 of the Best Breast Pumps for 2022

Attention pregnant and new mums:  your breasts are about to become your very best asset! And not because they are going to look FAB in a low-cut top. Oh no. It’s because they are about to become the stars of the newborn baby show.

In high demand. On constant display. Ready to start leaking at the drop of a hat, or the sound of a cry.

If our breasts are the stars of the show, then the breast pump is clearly the overworked assistant desperately in need of a coffee. It’s no wonder new mums invest so much time into purchasing the best breast pump.

Well, ladies, we’ve done the hard yards and uncovered the best breast pumps of 2022. Eight efficient little workers that will keep up with the high demands of your baby all the while offering you comfort and discreetness.

Best breast pumps – What to look for: 

Discreet: A quiet pump means you won’t sound like you’re beatboxing every time you plug in and will also ensure bub isn’t kept awake by the sound of a noisy pump.

Easy to clean and easy to disassemble and put back together: This isn’t a jigsaw puzzle. You want something you can clean, sanitise, air dry and put together ready for the next round. Easily.

Comfort: The best breast pumps often come with various suction motions so you can choose what feels okay for you.

Efficiency: This is probably the most important thing when it comes to choosing the best breast pump for you. One that will extract milk as quickly and effectively as possible. This means finding a breast pump with excellent suction and latch.

Lightweight and portable: Hands-free and wearable breast pumps are becoming more and more popular as are milk catchers. However, electric breast pumps can also be relatively lightweight and come with portable options too. Many breast pumps are now cordless as well.

What’s the difference between the different breast pumps?

Milk catchers are breast pumps that don’t require any pumping action. Instead, you suction it to your breast and it does the work for you. Ideal for catching the milk on the breast that bub is not feeding on.

Manual breast pumps are lightweight and inexpensive. Instead of an electric motor doing the pumping, you will need to use a little handle to do it yourself. Ideal for the occasional expressing session, and pumping on the go (no electric outlet needed).

Electric breast pumps are powerful electric models that allow you to pump on both breasts simultaneously (or just one at a time – up to you). Ideal for mums who plan on doing lots of expressing/returning to work. While some electric breast pumps require an outlet, others are now cordless or can be powered by USB.

Hospital-grade breast pumps are the heavy hitters in breast pumps, often used in hospitals to help mums express if bub is having trouble feeding or in NICU. Nowadays you can buy hospital-grade pumps that are cordless and quiet.

While choosing a breast pump is a very personal decision, we hope our best breast pumps of 2022 guide does help narrow it down for you.

8 of the best breast pumps for 2022 

Mumilk Pro Pump

RRP: $149.99
Where to buy: Mumilk
Type: Cordless, hands-free, electric breast pump

Mumilk pro best breast pumps
Source: Mumilk

Every mum deserves the freedom and convenience to go about her day while expressing her liquid gold for bub. Light, discreet, cordless and extremely efficient, the Mumilk Pro Pump ticks all the boxes on the best breast pump list and then some!

It comes with three modes: massage, suction and automatic with 12 adjustable levels of suction, delivering a personalised pumping experience every time.

Mumilk comes with a 180ml capacity bottle plus new mums can choose between 2 nipple sizes 24mm or 27mm. You can also purchase smaller inserts separately.

This unique breast pump is charged by a micro-USB and comes with 70-80 minutes of usage time, plus 20 minutes auto shut off. It’s cordless and hands-free too – simply attach it to the breast, place it in your shirt and away you go!

You can get a single breast pump or save when you buy the double option. All Mumilk breast pumps come with free shipping and a 12-month warranty. Mumilk is Australian owned too, with incredible customer service and rave reviews from so many mums.


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Original Night Owl

RRP: $129.00
Where to buy: The Night Owl 
Type: Wearable electric portable breast pump

night owl best breast pump
Source: The Night Owl

The Night Owl’s most advanced pump, the Original Night Owl is another popular choice for new mums looking for a portable electric breast pump. In fact, it was actually created by mums right here in Melbourne, and comes with all the features you want in a breast pump.

The Night Owl is hands-free, wearable, wire-free and hassle-free. Simply attach and you’re ready to go. No need to hold the pump in place or try and balance an infant on one breast and a breast pump on the other. So easy!

It comes with a LED display, timer and touch buttons for easy operation, plus a 180-ml capacity, a 90-minute battery life, 9 adjustable levels of suctions and 2 modes to choose from.

It also comes with several five-star reviews from mums across Australia and a 12 month warranty. Buy a single for $129.00 or double it up and get two for $229.00


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Youha Embody Wearable Breast Pump

RRP: $579.00
Where to buy: Youha Australia
Type: All-in-one wearable, cord-free, tube-free, double electric breast pump

Source: Youha

The ultimate in control and convenience, Youha Embody is an all-in-one, tube-free, cordless, wearable pump from Australian-owned and operated Youha Australia. If you’re after the best for your breast, the comfortable and effective Youha Embody Wearable Breast Pump is an exceptional option.

Youha Embody is in a class of its own and comes with everything you need for your pumping sessions (both sides too). This includes 2 x motor units, 2 x silicone breast shields, 2 breast shield convertors, 2 x 150m capacity milk collection cups plus a handy travel bag.  Simply slide it into your bra and away you go! 

Great for mums on the go or returning to work who plan on expressing, this wearable double electric pump fits into your lifestyle, allowing you to pump while you get on with your day! It can be controlled with the My YOUHA App via Bluetooth for a completely hands-free pumping experience and the app also supports session logging so you can keep track of your milk.

Embody was designed to support breastfeeding mums wherever motherhood takes them, and Youha Australia is also owned by a mum. Expect nothing but the best from Youha Embody – a beautiful breast pump, fast and friendly customer service and timely assistance on any questions or concerns you may have.

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Mommy Love Baby Wearable Electric Breast Pump S21

RRP: $149.00 Now $99.95
Where to buy: Mommy Love Baby 
Type: Hands-free, wearable single electric breast pump

Mommy love baby breast pump
Source: Mommy Love Baby

Another option when it comes to hands-free breast pumps is the Mommy Love Baby Wearable Electric Breast Pump. It’s compact yet powerful with a sleek design and easy system. It comes with a 180ml capacity system, 90-minute usage time and automatically shuts off after 20 minutes. 

This portable breast pump comes with all the bells and whistles new mums want. LED display, 3 modes (massage, automatic and pumping mode) and 12 different pressure levels to adjust to your supply.

It’s simple, gentle, and reliable, great for at home or at the office. Wear it while expressing or use it while feeding to capture the letdown from the breast not feeding baby. It also comes with free shipping and speedy delivery.

SAVE: 30% OFF 

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Tommee Tippee Made for Me Double Electric Breast Pumps

RRP: $359.95
Where to buy: Tommee Tippee 
Type: Cordless, double electric breast pump

Tommee Tippee Made for me best breast pumps 2022
Source: Tommee Tippee

Expect more milk in less time. Powerful yet discreet, the Made for Me Double Electric Breast Pump is one of the hardest working electric pumps on the market.  This is one of the best breast pumps on the market for innovation, design and comfort too.

The Made for Me Double Electric Breast Pumps have cups that feature massaging petals that work to stimulate your breasts and create strong suction while still feeling gentle. The innovative built-in closed system prevents breast milk backflow so all your precious breastmilk only goes into the bottle, never wasting a single drop.

There are 5 massage and 9 express settings to choose from and the pump can be disconnected for 90 minutes of cord-free pumping time. Another tick is that this breast pump also comes with 2 x 150ml Closer to Nature baby bottles to help kick start your bottle feeding/express feeding journey.

Made from BPA and BPS-free materials, the Tommee Tippee Double Electric Breast Pump is also easy to clean, dishwasher and steriliser safe and comes with a portable power unit so you can pump on the go plus a LED display screen so you can keep track of how long you’ve been pumping.


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Youha The ONE Double Electric Breast Pump and Express Cups Combo

RRP: $399.00
Where to buy: Youha Australia
Type: Hospital-grade, wearable, wire-free, double electric breast pump

Youha One Best Breast Pumps 2022
Source: Youha Australia

If you’re after hospital-grade quality with the convenience of wearable pumping (via tubing) then Youha The ONE Pump and Express Cups combo is an excellent option. It’s quiet, lightweight and portable but also gives you incredibly powerful suction with the convenience of a wearable breast pump.

This system comes with everything you need to start your breastfeeding journey – The ONE Double Electric Breast Pump plus The ONE Express Cups.

The pump is a stand-alone, hospital-grade breast pump with a sleek and compact design, plus a super quiet but powerful intuitive motor unit, perfect for the home or office. The user-friendly touch screen is also a huge plus too! Each system comes with the double pumping kit plus 2 x PPSU bottles and teats (ready for storage and feeding) and a cooler bag (great for keeping the pumped milk cold on the go).

Use with The ONE Express Cups that fit inside your bra, allowing you to pump with ease, discreetly and hands-free, – any time, anywhere! Simply place the Express Cups into your bra and attach them to the pump via tubing.

As we mentioned above, Youha Australia is Australian-owned and operated by a team of mums and offers exceptional customer service and support which is really important when shopping around for something as personal as a breast pump.

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Jellie Collect

RRP: $49.99
Where to buy: Jellie
Type: Handsfree, wearable milk catcher, silicone manual breast pump

Jellie Collect Best Breast Pumps
Source: Jellie

If you’re after a milk catcher, then the Jellie Collect is an ideal choice. The Jellie Collect is soft, discreet, comfortable, and designed to create a gentle suction to use during letdown or if your breasts are full. One press of the pump and it’s ready to go, collecting milk as you do your thing.

Unlike an electric breast pump the Jellie doesn’t require a battery and simply works by suctioning to your breast and naturally collecting the milk that would most likely otherwise end up wetting your shirt. It comes with a built-in pressure adjustment valve and is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

Jellie is made from food-grade silicone with 120ml capacity and, best of all, it’s wearable! Simply place it in your bra, suction it to your breast, and viola!

Another great thing about this affordable breast pump is that it is durable – the pump stays in place due to the hard plastic frame making it perfect for daily use. Jellie is owned and run by an Australian mum and comes with countless rave reviews.


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Tyhan S12 Pro+

RRP: $250.00 Now $149
Where to buy: Tyhan
Type: Wearable, wireless electric breast pump

best breast pumps 2022 - tyhan
Sourc: Tyhan

Tyhan’s S12 Pro+ is the ultimate in breast pumping convenience and quality. It’s wearable, wireless and features a no-hassle ergonomic design that fits straight into your bra. Lightweight and discreet, you can wear it when working, shopping, doing the school drop off – anytime!

The S12 Pro+ comes with an LCD display screen so you can see and control your pumping session easily every time. There are 12 adjustable levels and the bottle holds 180ml of milk. Simply choose your level and off you pump.

But what makes the Tyhan S12 Pro+ stand out is the four different modes including massage, expression, auto and the genius lactation mode. This is ideal for relieving blocked ducts and engorgement in turn allowing for faster milk let down.

We also love the automatic 20-minute shut-off timer so you never have to worry about overflow. The pump also features an in-built pouring hole for you to pour milk into storage bags or bottles so you won’t spill any liquid gold.

Australian-owned, they ship from Adelaide and are always just an email away for any questions or assistance. 

SAVE: 40% OFF 

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