Pregnancy Checklist: What to Do, When to Do it and What to Shop, When!

Pregnancy is a whirlwind of obscure cravings, self-care and preparation. So it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by it ALL.

We’re here to shine a light on all the things you have to think about during pregnancy. Breaking it down to what you can expect at your doctor’s office, preparing for parenthood and of course, what to buy for your pregnancy and baby!

Let’s face it, setting up your home (and life!) for a baby can be expensive. You can however provide some financial ease by spreading the cost over the whole nine months of your pregnancy, rather than all towards the pointy end of business.

Here’s our no fuss, straightforward and easy to follow guide to what to buy, when to buy it and what lies ahead for getting you to the nine-month mark with a beautiful babe in your arms!

If you’re up for it, a baby shower is a great way to tidy up all the loose ends (and potentially some big ticket items) with a gift registry. Even better, your friends will love a little guidance on what to get you and actually contribute towards something you DO need, rather than all the things you DON’T.  PLUS as a bonus, you won’t receive 100 muslin wraps. #winning


It’s the ultimate timeline of events … from what to expect at the doctor’s office, to when you should buy the cot and that 10kg jar of Nutella.



happy-couple-pregnancy-test-siTRIMESTER 1  | Week 1 to end of Week 12

Congratulations mumma! Some of you might be totally surprised to find out you’re expecting while for others the news couldn’t come sooner. Likely many of you have been feeling dreadful for weeks, with early pregnancy signs.  Give in to the battle of tiredness, your body is growing another HUMAN! Expect to feel fatigue like never before. Good news though, your hair will be shiny with health and boobs will be looking amazing (but oh so tender, sleep in your bra if you’re too scared to take it off!).

At The Doctor’s Office:

  • Confirm your pregnancy with a blood test (take with you the dates of your last period to work out your due date).
  • Schedule monthly check-ups. Checks for blood pressure, symphysis-fundal height, foetal heart monitoring and asking your doctor ALL the weird and not so weird questions you might have relating to your pregnancy.
  • Have a dating scan (if required) to determine your baby’s due date.
  • Have your first glimpse of bub at 12 weeks at the Nuchal translucency scan to screen for chromosomal abnormalities in your baby. Fall in love instantly.

The Preparation & Fun Stuff:

  • Think about how you’re going to announce your pregnancy to family and friends. A simple and sweet phone call to share your good news, a clever join-the-dots reveal on social media – or a mix of both?
  • Book your maternity photo shoot with a photographer – you’re going to want to remember this special time!
  • Combat morning sickness with a pregnancy multivitamin, keeping fluids up and eating small amounts, when you can stomach it. Buy vomit bags for the car. Just in case, you know.
  • It’s a given to cut out smoking and alcohol. Cutting down on caffeine is pretty important where you can and make a concentrated effort to eat healthily (Note to self: more nutritious greens, less Mint Slice biscuits).

Shopping For Baby :

Maternity Wear & Nappy Bag

Towards the end of the first trimester your regular clothes may be a little squeezy. Treat yourself to some comfortable, quality wardrobe choices for work and leisure and wear the heck out of them. Don’t forget maternity bras. A well-supported bust makes a WORLD of difference when you’re going through cup sizes quicker than what you can recite the alphabet.

maternity robe, nappy backpack

OUR PICKS: Angel Maternity Hospital Essentials Pack ($99.95) – a nightgown to accommodate a growing bump and is comfy to boot. The handy button front makes for easy breastfeeding access while the glorious lightweight robe is just the ticket for handling the hospital maternity ward air-con. Included in the set is a sweet and snug baby wrap, bonus!

A nappy bag is great early buy and you can fill with things as you buy them for the hospital. Why not put it all in this easy to carry Angel Maternity Lightweight Nappy Backpack ($69.95)? It’s an awesome choice for stylish, practical parents. Lightweight and versatile, very durable and waterproof perfect for the wet seasons. Pack this handy backpack that even your partner won’t mind helping to carry.

You can snap up this gorgeous three-piece Hospital Pack, the cool Nappy Backpack, plus all your affordable, nursing friendly wardrobe needs for both work and play at Angel Maternity. Go on, treat yo’self!


20% OFF all Angel Maternity collection, inc SALE items – Use code MUMCENTRAL until 30th June 2019.
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Baby’s Skincare

Start stockpiling skincare for baby, it doesn’t take much to store AND you can do it pretty much incognito at the supermarket if you’re yet to announce your big news. Newborn skin should be treated with the utmost of care, it’s skin that is brand new and super sensitive after all!

Cetaphil skin care, baby, bath towel

OUR PICK: Cetaphil Baby products (priced from $8.50) – Cetaphil Baby is specially formulated for healthy baby skin development. The Cetaphil Baby range includes key ingredients and botanicals for support and protection that infant skin needs to grow strong. From gentle body wash and shampoo to a daily lotion with shea butter. Bliss!


Run into Woolworths on 13 March where Cetaphil Baby products will have 30% off RRP.

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Pregnancy Compression Garments

Pregnancy can be a real pain, literally! Look to compression maternity garments to help relieve aches and pains as your body changes and stretches to accommodate your growing belly, supporting your body where it needs it the most.

SRC Health pregnancy compression garments, pregnant women exercising

OUR PICK: SRC Health Pregnancy Shorts and Leggings ($189 – $199) – offering the world’s largest maternity compression garment collection, there’s a style to support every mum’s shape and size. You’ll be amazed at the relief from all those pregnancy niggles including lower back pain, pelvic girdle pa, n and the very annoying sciatica. Suitable to wear from 12 weeks and beyond, they’re a real treasure to have in your maternity arsenal.


Buy any SRC Pregnancy Compression garment and receive a Free Bubbaversary Diary ($24.95). Simply add your SRC pregnancy item and the Bubbaversary Diary to the cart and apply the code “SRCBUB”. SRC Health code is available to the first 50 purchasers for 30 days. The price of the diary will be deducted from the shopping cart total when using the code.

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Baby Monitor

Don’t wait until baby is home to set up the baby monitor. Getting a grasp on how to use your baby monitor nice and early can only be a good thing! Keep a close eye on baby from afar without risking waking them up with a squeaky door, tripping over the nursery rug or her catching a whiff of milk. So clever is the technology, baby monitors allow you to not only hear, but also see your little one up close in their cot!

Vtech baby monitor, camera and screen

OUR PICK: VTech VM9900 HD Pan and Tilt Video Monitor with Remote Access ($329) – this monitor enables you to watch over your baby no matter where you are. Setup the monitor at home and when you’re away from the viewer screen, check in using the free VTech app. The monitor boasts awesome features including touch screen technology, auto night vision, motion activated alerts and two-way talking capabilities. You can even record vision using the app, handy for capturing sweet slumber moments and those sneaky cot escapees red-handed in the act.

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TRIMESTER 2 | Week 13 to end of Week 26

It’s during trimester two that pregnancy starts to become a whole lot more real. You’ll gradually develop a tell-tale baby bump (which is much more cute and show-off worthy than the bloated or just-ate-a-plate-of-pasta bump) and of course, you’ll feel those first kicks.

With any luck, you’ll turn a corner with renewed energy levels and a lot less nausea for those suffering with morning (afternoon and evening) sickness. Stretch marks may begin to appear (boobs, belly, bum, thighs…all over) so keep your skin well moisturised to ward off the itchiness associated with the stretch!

At The Doctor’s Office:

  • Continue with scheduled monthly check-ups. Checks for blood pressure, symphysis fundal height and foetal heart monitoring. Don’t forget your list of curly questions for the Doctor!
  • Anomaly ultrasound scan to check that baby’s growing as expected.
  • Routine blood tests including rhesus antibody screen. If shown to be rhesus negative, a dose of prophylactic Anti-D is given.

The Preparation & Fun Stuff:

  • Join a birth group and make friends for life!
  • Ask relatives and friends to have a whooping cough vac booster if they wish to visit you and your newborn when born.
  • Make a birth plan. No drugs or all the drugs? Music or none? Write it all down and make sure your partner is on board. Though totally optional, and often they’re out the window when things don’t quite go to your plan.
  • Book your due date with a newborn photographer for capturing those magical first days as a family.
  • It sounds crazy, but DO consider childcare. Particularly if you don’t have a lot of maternity leave up your sleeve or if there’s a super long waiting list at your local centre.
  • Feeling less nauseous? Buy that Costco sized jar of Nutella to fix every. Single. Sweet craving!
  • It’s time to party! Plan and hold your baby shower (and sign up to a gift registry to make gifting easy for friends and family!)

Shopping For Baby:

Pick your pram

You’re going to need a sweet ride for your bub if you plan on venturing out. There’s a lot to consider when choosing a pram – safety is paramount. Look for safety, ease of use and if it’s going to last to taxi future children.

parents, pram, iCandy Peach pram

OUR PICK: iCandy Peach Pushchair Royal ($1,699) – A pram that’s as easy on the eye as it is to pack in the car boot with its one-handed fold, it ticks many boxes. This one come with the lot so no extra accessories are required to get you strolling, suitable for newborns right up to 25kg so it’ll last the distance. The iCandy Peach seat has three reclining positions and can switch between forward and rearward facing.


MASSIVE $700 SAVING when you buy the glorious iCandy Peach Pushchair Royal for just $999 using “MC19” at checkout.

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Baby’s Bed

A new baby calls for a new cot! Even the littlest and lightest of bodies need a firm, fresh and clean mattress to lay their wee head upon. For safe sleeping, choose a cot mattress that fits the cot nice and tight, making sure there is no more than a 20mm gap between the mattress and the cot sides and ends.

Baby cot, cot mattress, table, toy

OUR PICK: Growbright airnest Cot Mattress ($399) – the airnest cot mattress is designed from the core up to give optimal safety, cleanliness and comfort for your baby. 100% breathable and 100% washable, there’s no crying over spilled milk or leaky nappies with the revolutionary airnest mattress core and airnest-lite mattress cover. Hallelujah! Ease of cleaning aside, this phenomenal mattress provides little ones with a safe sleep environment that lets air flow freely, while combating allergens and overheating.


Use code “MUMCENTRAL” to receive $100 off any airnest mattress purchase in March. What a saving!

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Baby Rocker

Light enough to move from room to room or take when visiting friends and relatives, a baby rocker is just the ticket for gently rocking bub while giving him some space.

mum central

OUR PICK:  Childcare Calmo Rocker ($149.99) – the compact Calmo Rocker is designed with comfort and soothing in mind. Suitable from birth, this gorgeous nursery accessory offers comfort plus with multiple reclining positions for play and rest. A plush padded seat with safety harness ensures bub will be snug and a large fold-back canopy is fantastic for warding off the sun and taking a sneaky nap. Bliss!

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Baby Swing

We’re not exaggerating when we say a baby swing can be a real lifesaver. For real! The perfect solution for when baby wants to be entertained or rocked but not held tight (and a godsend for parents to get 5 minutes to themselves … cue shower perhaps! A swing also raises baby safely off of floor level, giving great peace of mind when siblings or pets are bouncing about.

pregnancy month giveaway. Nesso mini swing, baby

OUR PICK: Childcare Nesso Mini Swing ($149.99) – the Nesso Mini Swing from Childcare is a playful, stylish and sleek inclusion for your nursery, worth its weight in gold with every swing. The swing has five soothing speeds, from a super gentle sway to a fun swing. Your sweet babe is kept entertained with sounds and musical melodies and a toy bar with three fun animals to focus on.

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TRIMESTER 3 | Week 27 to Week 40+

The home stretch and longest trimester of them all, or so it feels, is the third trimester. Your baby bump will grow to a size you couldn’t fathom your body stretching to and picking up anything at floor level (or seeing your toes!) is a thing of the past. While dealing with a whole lot of uncomfortable everything, your body clock prepares you for the foggy newborn days by keeping you awake at night, often for no apparent reason. Don’t fret though, the end is nigh!

At The Doctor’s Office:

  • Your doctor check-ups will likely become fortnightly and then weekly in the third trimester. Checks for blood pressure, symphysis fundal height, foetal heart monitoring and of course asking your doctor ALL the weird and not so weird questions you might have relating to your pregnancy.
  • Women with rhesus negative blood receive a second dose of prophylactic Anti-D.
  • Pregnancy oral glucose tolerance test is due – it’s a test for gestational diabetes, which involves blood tests and a glucose drink.
  • Your doctor will also conduct a low vaginal swab testing for Group B Streptococcus.
  • If your bub isn’t evicting the womb in any hurry, book your induction.

The Preparation & Fun Stuff:

  • Consider taking a babymoon or thrifty staycation with your partner. Life is about to become a whole new level of crazy, spend a weekend to reconnect as a couple is a great idea!
  • Book a pregnancy massage to help with aches and pains and because you deserve it.
  • Have your baby car seat or capsule professionally fitted.
  • Set up and decorate the nursery.
  • Pack hospital bags for you and baby. Don’t forget a book and snacks!
  • Have a plan in place for if / when you go into labour. (Who will calmly drive? Look after the kids? Feed the dog?)

Shopping For Baby:

Newborn Car Seat Safety

If you drive, (or plan on being driven around) you’ll be needing a car seat to safely taxi your little one around town in a vehicle. Make sure you have the car seat secured in the car ready to go before your due date.

OUR PICK: Mother’s Choice Adore AP Convertible Car Seat ($439) – keeping up with car seat technology is important, and this convertible car seat will give you serious value for money. From rear-facing newborn days right through to extended rearward facing, up until around your child is two and a half years old. The Adore AP car seat then converts to forward facing position until your child is approximately four years old. This car seat also boasts safety features and state of the art technology Air Protect Technology™ superior side impact head protection. It’s a super comfy seat too with a 5-position headrest, inbuilt harness adjustment, and 3-position seat recline. Fitment is compact and installation is easy and safe with an ISOFIX fitting system. You can keep up to date with what’s new in car seat technology by following Mother’s Choice on Facebook!

convertible car seat

mum central

Baby Carrier

The thing about teeny tiny newborns is they love to be snuggled close, ALL. THE. TIME. And let’s be honest, who can resist a long cuddle with your new itty bitty squish. HOWEVER, there comes a time when you feel you can’t sit and snuggle all day (and night), or you need the use of two hands. Enter, the baby carrier.

BabyBjorn baby carrier, mother and baby

OUR PICK: BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini ($149.95) – a small, easy-to-use unaided (yes! no origami folds, no gymnastics!), buttery soft baby carrier for newborns. It’ll give you back the gift of two free hands, and is awesome for short sessions to comfort or lull bub off to sleep. The carrier to cot transition is a cinch too, thanks to the entire front section of the carrier opening up for a sneaky, sleepy release.

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Swaddles, Sleeping Suits & Sleeping Bags

Ahhh sweet blissful slumber. Every parent needs a swaddle or sleeping bag in their bedtime arsenal. Perfect for safe sleeping, staying warm and little Houdini babies who wake themselves with the startle reflex. There’s no doubt about it, swaddles and suits provide an awesome sleeping cocoon.

Pregnancy month bumper giveaway, ergopouch, swaddles, baby

OUR PICK: ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag (priced from $34.95) – you can rest easy knowing baby sleeps both safely and as snug as a bug with ergoPouch. Little ones will be snoozing safely and in style (seven prints including the new Southern Cross!) when kitted out in the adorable Cocoon Swaddle Bag. The no-origami zip up swaddle is made from organic cotton, is hip-friendly and stretchy for an uber cosy safe-sleep swaddle for your newborn. The Cocoon comes in three TOG weights, for the optimal temperature no matter the season. Let the sweetest of dreams ensue!


Exclusive 15% off the spectacular new AW19 range on ergoPouch in March, with code MUMCENTRALAW19. Code valid 4/3/19 – 31/3/19. One coupon use per customer, not valid with any other offer.

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Baby Blankets

If ever there is a time to have a couple of super sweet and cute blankets, the time is now! Cot size blankets fit the cot perfectly, while bassinet sized blankets are great for in the pram or for making a cuddle all the more snug.

Personalised baby blanket, baby, soft toys

OUR PICK: Namely Co personalised 100% cotton knit pom pom cot blanket ($109) – an amazing (and wonderfully functional) keepsake, this blanket is as soft as it is stunning, made from stunning quality yarn. Made to order and available in several colours, your child’s name emblazoned on the front is pure icing on the cake – perfect for showing off a loved moniker and the perfect baby shower gift idea!


Enjoy 10% off for the month of March, use the code “mumcentral” at checkout.

mum central

Dummies, Bottles, and Feeding Gear

Bottles, bottles, bottles! Particularly if you don’t plan to breastfeed, but it’s also wise to have a couple of bottles and age appropriate bottle teats on hand even if you do. You can always express milk and share the feeding love. Add to your list, bottles, bottle teats, cleaning and sterilising kits!

Pigeon bottles

OUR PICK: Pigeon feeding range. No one quite knows bottles and feeding accessories quite like Pigeon. They have everything you need to get you started and continuing on your baby feeding journey, be it by bottle or breast. Pigeon are hot on their research too, the SofTouch Peristaltic Plus teat ($8.49) aims to be the closest teat to a mother’s nipple, reducing nipple confusion and promoting easy bottle feeding. Furthermore, all Pigeon products are BPA free so you can be reassured you’re in the safest of hands. Drink up!


Get 20% off Pigeon bottles and teats ranges using the code “mumc20” at checkout!

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It’s the ultimate timeline of events … from what to expect at the doctor’s office, to when you should buy the cot and that 10kg jar of Nutella.

Whether this is your first baby or you’re back again for another round, keep track of planning and your shopping without cluttering up the house or breaking the budget. Not all of these items are required, but they will all make your pregnancy days and newborn nights so much easier!



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