It’s been a long few months in lockdown, hasn’t it? Most of us have been getting busy catching up on Netflix, stocking our pantries with ALL the pasta, and buying indoor plants at Bunnings.

But some of us have just been getting busy.

And now that the pregnancy test is showing up positive, it’s time to bring this news out of lockdown and share it with family and friends. But how do you announce you’re carrying more than just a few extra COVID-kilos?

With a cheeky quarantine pregnancy announcement, naturally! Below are just a few of our favourite lockdown pregnancy announcement ideas we’ve stumbled across on social media.

How clever are they?

Our favourite quarantine pregnancy announcement ideas

1. What did you get up to in lockdown? 

pregnancy announcement ideas
The little boy’s face! LOL. Source: Instagram

2. Well played, quarantine. 

quarantine baby announcement
Source: Twitter

3. No social distancing here

Source: Instagram 

4. Or here

Source: Instagram

5. Stocking up on babies 

Source: Instagram 

6. The wrong kind of protection…

Flippin’ hilarious!  Source: Instagram 

7. Not enough hand sanitiser in the world 

Source: Instagram 

8. Six feet apart

coronavirus pregnancy announcement
The Corona beer bottles are such an awesome touch!  Source: Instagram 

9. Not so boring after all 

Source: Instagram

10. A face mask isn’t going to protect you from pregnancy, love 

cute baby announcement - lockdown
Source: Instagram

11. A very Merry Christmas, indeed

funny quarantine baby announcement
Source: Instagram

12. Blame Quarantine

quarantine baby
Source: Instagram

13. “Sometimes” doesn’t cut it 

quarantine baby announcement
Source: Instagram

14. The bright side of lockdown

quarantine pregnancy announcement ideas
Source: Instagram

How awesome are they? They almost make me wish I had a quarantine pregnancy to announce. Almost, but not quite.

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