Qukes® Are a Hoot! How to Create a Healthy Owl Grazing Board!

When it comes to grazing boards, it’s not ALL in the shape of mounds of cheese and crackers. Nup, it can be glorious Qukes® and veggies in the shape of an owl. WHAT A HOOT!

A grazing platter that’s for SURE going to be a hoot with the kids, this owl veggie platter makes for a crowd pleaser – and a genius way to get more veggies into kids! Who can resist devouring a baby cucumber feathered belly or sneaking a slice of capsicum or two from a pretty wing to snack on?

owl grazing board with Qukes

A Qukes® owl grazing board made EASY…

Even better, you absolutely do NOT have to be a domestic goddess to put this grazing board idea together – it’s all in the arrangement guys! Watch the video below to see just how EASY it is to pull together with Qukes® being the star of the show! Scroll down for all the recipe details.

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How to Create a Qukes® Owl Grazing Board!

owl grazing board made with Qukes

NOTE: Quantities of ingredients will depend on the size of your platter, but aim for a generous loading!


  • Perfection Fresh Qukes®
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Yellow capsicum
  • Carrots
  • A favourite dip


  1. Find yourself a platter or board and two small bowls or ramekins. Divide the dip evenly between the two bowls and place them on the board. These are going to be your owl’s eyes!
  2. To create an owl body and chest, slice the baby cucumbers lengthways into thick slices or even into wedges, whichever way you prefer. Place these in an oval body shape, the top of the oval being where your two bowls meet together.
  3. Next, add cherry tomatoes to either side of the owl’s oval body.
  4. Slice the yellow capsicum into thin strips and reserve a small piece to make a triangle beak. These strips will become your owl wings. If you can’t get yellow capsicum, green or red capsicum will also work just fine! Place the yellow capsicum strips in a cluster, either side of the owl’s body. YUM.
  5. Now it’s carrot-cutting time! Cut carrots into batons to create your owl’s feathery head, spreading them all around the top of the bowls from one side to the other. Also, add carrot batons to the bottom of your owl’s body to create feet.
  6. You’re almost there! Add a cherry tomato to the centre of each dipping bowl so they look more like owl eyes and don’t forget to attach his yellow capsicum beak!

Now you’re ready to serve your gorgeous edible owl to the kids (or adults who are young at heart ;p). A healthy and mighty delicious, vegetable-filled grazing board. How’s that for a healthy ‘eat the rainbow’ snack idea for a crowd of kids?

Qukes baby cucumbers - owl grazing board

Qukes® for your party platters, snack solutions, lunch boxes and MORE!

The easiest snack no matter where you are (parties, school, out and about!), Qukes® require NO prep whatsoever – just rinse them and chomp straight through that thin, crisp skin for a cool and refreshing crunch!

A special variety of baby cucumbers, Qukes® are meant to be mini – and we all know great things come in small sizes – these guys might be smaller in size, but they’re BIG in flavour and a great source of folate, fibre and vitamin C. PLUS, kids LOVE them. #WINNING!

Qukes baby cucumbers

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