Mum Discovered Random Kmart Box on Front Lawn and What Happens Next is Hilarious

What would you do if you looked outside your front door and noticed a Kmart box sitting in your yard? You haven’t bought anything and no delivery dude showed up at your door. So what the actual eff?

If you’re Perth mum Samantha Hornby, you would take a photo of the unidentified Kmart box and post it on Facebook. And then you’d wait for the Facebook commenters to deliver the comedic gold.

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The mystery Kmart box

The Kmart gods delivered. And the comments are awesome

It was your typical day in a Perth southern suburb. The sun was out, the lawns were mowed, the trees were manicured into weird shapes. But then, out of nowhere, out pops a Kmart box. Unopened, untouched, unbroken.

Weird, right? So Samantha did what any Kmart-loving mum would do and shared her find in the Facebook Group, Kmarts Hacks & Decor. She was hoping someone in her area would be able to claim the box – perhaps it fell off a ute in transit or something?

Instead, she got a thread full of cheeky one-liners and hilarious comments that kept us laughing for ages.

What’s in the Kmart box?

The first mystery for commenters was to uncover what was actually in the Kmart box. Sure, it clearly says 24 pc dinner set, but is it REALLY a dinner set? Is it ACTUALLY a puppy? Or a box full of glitter?


After much debate and a few gentle kicks to the box, Sam opened it and discovered the truth.

Yes. It really is a dinner set.

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The dinner set is, in fact, a dinner set

“Maybe dinner and uninvited guests are on their way too,” one commenter cheekily suggested.

“Of all the things to rock up – WHY COULDN’T IT BE THE ELUSIVE SAUSAGE ROLL MAKER,” another posted.

“Plant it, you never know the table and chairs might show up!”

“Go home 24 piece dinner set. You’re drunk.”

Phew. Okay. We know what’s in the Kmart box. Now, onto the next mystery.

What is the deal with this street??

But perhaps what surprised commenters the most was not the contents of the box, but the neighborhood itself.

‘Why is nobody talking about the fact that your front yard in the photo looks exactly like a simulation?” one commenter asked.

“Do you live in SIMS?” another asked.

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“Your street looks like it’s from the Cat in the Hat. Bloody thing 1 and thing 2 playing tricks on you.”

“Is the road orange…?”

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

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Pleasantville comes to life

Yep. That’s definitely an orange road.   What is going on??? Is this some sort of photoshop sorcery?

Samantha later clarifies that it’s simply the camera playing games and that she does, in fact, live in reality, not the SIMS. So there you go – two mysteries solved.

Never a dull moment in the secret world of Kmart groups.

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