Rare Birth Photos Give a Glimpse of Life Inside The Womb

The womb is a dark and mysterious place, is it not? If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for a baby inside your body, these birth photos provide a glimpse into the life of your unborn child.

Janaina Oliveira of Jana Brasil Photography is a professional birth photographer who knows how – amongst all the excitement of childbirth – to get ‘that shot’.

Janaina dresses in scrubs and a hairnet but instead of reaching for a doppler or the like, she reaches for her camera. While the midwife or doctor deliver beautiful babies, she delivers spectacular birth photos.

Not your average birth photo

Janaina was booked for the arrival of Monyck Valasco’s son, Noah. His birth changed the family’s life but it also changed Janina’s. Baby Noah, all 3.4 kilograms of him, entered the world in his perfectly formed amniotic sac (an en caul birth for those playing at home).

birth photos
Source: Instagram/janabrasilfotografia

These fascinating photos really are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. And they quickly went viral after the photographer posted them to her Instagram account.

birth photos
Source: Instagram/janabrasilfotografia

En caul births are incredibly rare. They occur when a baby is born inside an intact amniotic sac (the doctor removing it post-birth). Normally the amniotic sac (or waters) burst before the baby is born.

birth photosSource: Instagram/janabrasilfotografia

Amazingly, it’s not the first time

Amazingly, if Janaina’s Instagram feed is of any indication, Noah’s birth isn’t Janaina’s first en caul or caul birth to capture. Because of this, we’re calling her one of the luckiest birth photographers out there!

birth photos
Source: Instagram/janabrasilfotografia

Thanks for the glimpse!

Thank you to Janaina for showing off your amazing birth photos. Without them (and such incredible talent) we would be none the wiser to how a baby fits into such a confined space. All perfectly formed in a bubble of fluid, no less. Certainly arriving looking a little out-of-this-world but pretty alien-like cute all the same. Nawww.

But wait, we have even more incredible birth photos

Every birth is beautiful, even if it’s not considered of the rare variety. Check out these spectacular, award-winning birth photos captured last year.

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With all that said and done, don’t forget to book your photographer, or bring someone up to speed in how to take good photos if you want to capture your own babe’s birth!

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