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RECALL: Brauer Baby and Child Teething Gel


The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has recalled a batch of Brauer Baby and Child Teething Gel over fears of bacterial contamination.

The batch under recall is the 20g Batch 809057 with an expiry date of September 2020. It was sold in all Australian states between 24 October 2018 – 29 November 2019.

Brauer Baby & Child Teething Gel is a natural medicine used to reduce the discomfort caused by teething in babies between birth and six months. The product is sold in pharmacies, chemists, health food stores and online.

What’s the problem?

Testing of the Brauer Baby & Child Teething Gel found microbial contamination (Burkholderia spp). This particular bacteria can cause illness in babies and small children, healthy people and people with compromised immune systems.

“The initial symptoms of Burkholderia infection may be a low-grade fever, potentially progressing to much more serious conditions, including pneumonia and other lung disorders,” the Product Safety Australia states on their website.

What should you do if you have it?

First check the batch number on the packaging, if it is batch 809057 immediately stop using the product, return it to the place of purchase or contact Brauer Customer Service to arrange a product return and a refund.

Brauer Baby and Child Teething Gel
Brauer Baby and Child Teething Gel

What if you already used it?

If you have already used the teething Gel on your child, you should watch for potential signs of Burkholderia infection such as low-grade fever. Seek immediate medical advice if you suspect infection.

To read the Safety Alert visit

For further information, call Brauer Customer Service on 1300 308 108.





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