REVIEW: Food Babies Love Fresh Pots Get Top Marks on Flavour and Freshness

Fresh. Simple. Convenient. Healthy. Easy. Delicious. And no chopping, steaming, pureeing or freezing required!

As our team of reviewers recently discovered, you get all of this (and more) from Food Babies Love Fresh Pots.

Come see what real babies and toddlers, just like yours, think of this fresh-from-the-fridge range of baby foods.

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Created by Melbourne mum Emily Dupuche, these little pots of baby food look, sound (and smell) divine. With flavours like Greek Lamb Casserole and Chicken Curry, each Fresh Pot is packed with meat, veggies and whole grains. Plus, they are textured, which makes mealtime even more fun for curious tots and helps with sensory and speech development.

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They look delicious. But what do little ones and their mums think about them?

We recently put them to the test, asking ten parents and their tots to try out the range of Fresh Pots.

Babies (and mums) LOVE the healthy goodness of Fresh Pots

So what did our 10 mums and their mini gourmands make of these Fresh Pots? Keep on scrolling to find out!

Food Babies Love Fresh Pots

9.2 Food Babies Love Fresh Pots


  • Fresh and Healthy
  • Four Yummy Flavours
  • Quick and Easy
  • Textured
  • Loaded with Veggies
Value for Money

10 out of 10 tiny taste testers LOVED them! 10 out of 10 mums would recommend them to a friend. And 9 out of 10 mums would buy them over and over and over again!! 

Packed with flavour and freshness 

“You can actually see the ingredients and my little one enjoyed every bite.” –  Esther L. 


While most of our mums report their little ones were more than happy to devour each Fresh Pot flavour, there were clearly a few favourites among our tiny taste testers. Out of the five flavours, Greek Lamb Casserole was the clear favourite followed by Chicken Curry, Pumpkin and Sage Risotto, Baby Bolognaise and Red Lentil Dahl.

Here’s what our mums had to say about the Fresh Pots experience:

“My daughter ate every last bit of each of the pots. – Andreya O.

“The combination of meat/sauce and vegetables was very balanced (each component was not outweighed by the others) and even my husband and I wanted to try the meal! – Tara T. 

“There was a wonderful range of meals to choose from and I was very impressed by the simplicity of the ingredients and lack of additives.” – Jacinta M. 

Goodness you can see

“You can not only taste but see all the veggies and goodness.” – Linh N. 

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mum central

One of the things that all our mums loved about Fresh Pots was the homemade factor. The recipes are all proven favourites from Emily’s best selling cookbook, Food Babies Love. There are no hidden nasties, no preservatives and no added salt or sugar.

“The Fresh Pots were very authentic and homemade-like and much fresher than many other options currently on the market. I appreciate they haven’t been topped up with apple or other fruit to sweeten them. They are very pure in comparison.” – Jacinta M. 

“They are a great alternative to a home cooked meal with same nutritional value if not better. No added junk & very fresh.” Cherie C.

“They had so much flavour – they were very fragrant and you could see and taste all the different ingredients in them.” – Laura M. 

Easy and convenient

“Even my husband could do dinner duty with these!” – Laura M.

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All of our mums agree that, in addition to the flavours and the authentic homemade goodness, Fresh Pots are a sanity-saver for those extra busy days. Because, sometimes there simply isn’t enough time in the day to prepare dinner.

As our mums tell us,

“They are perfect for the dinner bath and bed rush after work and childcare pick up. They didn’t need long in the microwave which meant it could be out of the fridge and in his mouth within a few minutes.” – Laura M. 

“I am so thrilled to know this product is on the market with its real flavours and textures. It can nourish and satisfy my growing boy whilst I continue my busy mum and business owner life.” – Tahlia S. 

“[They are] so easy! No need to worry about bub’s dinner, especially when I’m caught up at work and heading home later than usual.” – Linh N. 

The bottom line? 

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“Loved them! So easy and delicious.” – Elaine R. 

“I would absolutely recommend these to friends. They are great quality, fresh and tasty little meals that you don’t feel guilty feeding your child.” – Jacinta M. 

“Definitely worth a try!”  – Anne J. 

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Mum's Choice Thumbs Up AwardOur panel of parents loved Fresh Pots. Our tiny testers loved them too. And they tick all our boxes as well here at Mum Central HQ.

Good quality food prepared with absolute care that parents can feed their little ones without any fuss or worries. And especially without any guilt. So we’re delighted to give them the official Mum Central Mum’s Choice Seal of Approval.

Now it’s your turn to give them a go. You can pick up your own Fresh Pots of baby food goodness at Woolworths for $5.80 per pot. You’ll find a selection of Food Babies Love varieties in the chiller section right next to the kids’ yoghurt.

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Give them a go! We’d love to hear what flavour your bubba or kiddo loves best!

This is a sponsored article for Food Babies Love. All opinions are those of our reviewers.
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