The dress! The celebs! The flower girls! Yep, the royal wedding was a DOOZY.

The Palace released the first official photos overnight and it has brought it all back.

From the facial expressions worn by The Queen (bored, marginally less bored, mildly entertained) to Harry’s (allegedly) too-tight pants, there was a helluva lot to love about Megs and Hazza getting hitched.

Royal Wedding Now that we’ve recovered and safely stashed away the veil we made out of a towel (after one too many celebratory Pimms), we’ve rounded up our top 10 highlights from the royal wedding weekend that was.

The Royal Wedding: Best Bits

1. The first dress

It’s common knowledge that you could put Meghan Markle (soz, the Duchess of Sussex) in a bin bag, wrap some homebrand foil ’round her head and send her down the aisle and she’d still generate breathless rapture from fashion critics worldwide. Strangely, she decided against the ‘bin bag n foil’ combo and instead went for something not stocked at your local Woolies. The silk Givenchy (it’s pronounced ‘jzhiv-on-shee’ not ‘give-en-cheee’ just in case you were wondering) pure white gown was rumoured to have cost in the hundreds of thousands and was hand stitched by English virgins from a rural nunnery. Yeah, that bit isn’t true BUT it has been shared that the stitchers washed their hands every 30 minutes while creating the dress to ensure the white stayed pristine.

The gorgeous gown was offset by some of the family jewels. Forget your great nan’s tennis bracelet, Meghan scored Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau tiara, which was lent to her by the reigning monarch herself. This was topped with a five metre long silk tulle veil which featured hand-embroidered flowers in silk threads and organza.

Meghan Markle wedding dress

2. The second dress

Because one must always have options. And let’s face it, that Givenchy (say it with me now, ‘jzhiv-on-shee’) would not have been easy to bust a move in (which is what we hear happened at the after, after party). Our girl Meghan popped on a bespoke gown by British designer Stella McCartney. The high neck, lily white creation was much more party appropriate and Prince Harry pretty much dropped to his knees to worship the vision in white as she exited Windsor Castle. She looked HAWT.

3. The getaway

It was like something out a Bond movie (except with a zillion cameras clicking away so fast that I almost got RSI of the finger just listening to it). The newly married couple, dressed to the nines, hopping into Harry’s jag to whizz off to the first of their reception celebrations. And when Harry opened the door for his new bride? Melt.

4. Harry’s face

Wasn’t he just a picture!? The nerves! The excitement! He really was every man who has ever stood at the altar, waiting for their bride. Mind you, he had a teensy bit more riding on it than most but whatever. We loved it. We love him and his non-conventional ‘I’ll keep the beard, thanks’ stance. This snap here? It’s pretty much everything.

Royal Wedding
Image source: NBC

5. The celebrity guests

We were enthralled by the legions of celebs spilling into the church to celebrate the new couple. The gang from Suits (round of applause for one of our best dressed, Sarah Rafferty AKA Donna who looked smokin’ hot), Amal Clooney and that guy she married, Elton and his glasses, James Corden, it was star studded.

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We especially loved getting a sneak peek of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans, like this group Suits selfie on the royal wedding bus.

royal wedding Suits cast group selfie

But props must go to Mr D Beckham who somehow managed to bring the traditional morning suit into 2018. We don’t know if it was the waistcoat, the tie or the sunnies but even his wife’s sour expression couldn’t dampen his cool factor.

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6. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the flower girl/page boy gang

Meghan opted against having a bridesmaid, with reports saying she couldn’t choose between her friends, but that didn’t mean she walked the aisle alone.

royal wedding flower girls and page boys pose with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan in official photo

No, no. no. She was joined by a gang of the cutest wedding attendants in history, including her niece and nephew, Princess Charlotte and Prince George who seemed to take their responsibilities very seriously.

7. This kid

There were so many emotions attached to the royal wedding; excitement, trepidation, awe, and that was just us at home. This kid summed it up perfectly. No words needed.

royal wedding

8. The Queen

Resplendent in lime, Her Majesty may not have cracked a smile but we’re sure she was into it on the inside. Who could forget her face during the sermon by Reverend Bishop Michael Curry who grabbed the chance to speak in front of an audience of eleventy billion with two hands and ran far, far away with it? The audience were enthralled and we reckon at least half were trying to catch a glimpse of Her Maj, specifically her reaction.

Royal Wedding

9. The memes

Ok, they weren’t PART of the wedding, but by golly, they were glorious. And they appeared with such speed! Clearly there were some hard working meme geniuses hitting the keys furiously on Saturday.  A good meme has the ability to turn even the most formal occasion, literally heaving with pageantry, into something far more real. And they’re flipping funny.

10. The love

The atmosphere (even through the TV screen) was nothing short of electric. In one of the only sunny days that England will likely see for the next three weeks, the estimated 100,000 well wishers packing the street was just pure love. And the cheers that went up from outside when Harry and Meghan were announced husband and wife and then when they kissed? Yeah, that was pretty magical.

Bring on the next one, we say!

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