It’s Bindi Irwin’s Birthday Complete with a New Look, Roadtrip and Gorgeous Grace!

Blimey, it’s Bindi Irwin’s birthday! Bindi celebrated her 24th birthday over the past weekend and boy, what a loved-up weekend it appeared to be! Bindi shares her spoils with her fans – an Irwin-Powell family road trip, some stunning new family photos, a new word from cheeky daughter Grace and a gorgeous new look. Check it all out here!

It’s Bindi Irwin’s birthday!

Bindi celebrated her 24 laps around the sun in typical Bindi Irwin style – a family get-together and birthday cake in picturesque countryside worthy of a movie set. We know how hard-working the Irwin family is so it’s really nice to see that they genuinely make time for family escapes like this.

Bindi Irwin birthday
The Irwin family celebrate Bindi’s 24th birthday in an idyllic setting. Source: Instagram

Bindi shared her birthday weekend family photos in a gorgeous Instagram post, with a caption that will leave you feeling the Irwin love and wishing they’d adopt you.

The last year has been filled with enormous growth, unpredictable/challenging times and above all, love beyond my wildest dreams. Without them realising, my sweet family has given me the greatest gifts this year through their extraordinary actions each and every day.

Bindi Irwin birthday
Australia’s sweetest little family. Source: Instagram

My in-laws, the gift of no distance standing in the way of family bonds. My mum, the gift of perseverance, strength and a shoulder to lean on.

Bindi Irwin's birthday
Ready for cake mum! Source: Instagram

My brother, the gift of enthusiasm for life and remembering not to sweat the little things. My husband, the gift of steadfast support and infinite kindness. My darling daughter, the gift of finding beauty in all things and running towards happiness (and bubbles, which are the same thing to her) with an open heart.

Bindi Irwin's birthday
Chandler and Bindi are more in love than ever. Source: Instagram

I’m grateful for another trip around the sun and another year to do my best making difference in this world. Thank you to everyone who is part of my journey, I’m tremendously thankful for you.

A birthday diva Bindi certainly isn’t. On a day when it’s all about her, she makes it about everyone else – what a lady!

Bindi Irwin's birthday
She is style, she is grace. How long did Grace hold back with that spoon do you think? Source: Instagram

24 and a jaw-dropping new ‘do!

I know it’s just a haircut, but Bindi Irwin has had long, almost waist-length hair forever (much like mum Terri), her long locks are very much part of her signature look and, dare I say, her brand. Just like her brother Robert’s smoking hot photoshoot, Bindi isn’t afraid to shake things up!

As it turns out Bindi is just like any other mum who has struggled with long hair, mum-buns and the general desire to have one less thing to have to fuss with in the morning – and has gone for an adorable lob – and it’s a big deal! I’m going to take a guess and say Bindi bid farewell to more than 30cm of hair length and I can only imagine how good that must feel to wash in the morning. Holy shampoo suds.

Bindi Irwin's birthday
From long hair to a lob bob, Bindi Irwin rocks her new hair! Source: Instagram

A series of beautiful family photos shows off Bindi’s new haircut perfectly and is it just me, or does this soft-curled bob cement the fact that indeed, Bindi is all grown up now. Excuse me while I go cry in middle-aged tears.

Grace is saying a new word!

Of course, while the weekend could’ve easily been ALL about Bindi, her adorable mini-me Grace is said to have started saying a new word – and we’re not one bit surprised by what it is – SHEEP. That’s right, Grace can now say the word sheep!

The adorable sixteen-month-old has the most infectious chuckling laugh which Chandler describes as the best sound in the world. Take a look at the video below, it’s sure to bring a smile to your dial and brighten your day. Awwww so sweet!


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All of us here at Mum Central wishing ALL the good birthday wishes for Bindi Irwin’s birthday. May this lap around the sun bring you everything you wished for and more, Bindi!

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